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Our Resolution to Care and Act ORCA

"A passion for yachting is what started my journey into this industry, so leading Ocean Independence towards a sustainable and socially responsible future to safeguard the environments and communities that allow us to do what we love is a role I stand by."

Peter Hürzeler - CEO of Ocean Independence

Making a difference The Ocean Independence Way

With a reputation for transparency and integrity, Ocean Independence is committed to leading the way to effortless sustainable yachting solutions in the luxury yacht industry.

While incorporating the reduction of our environmental impact into everything we do, and working towards carbon neutral status, Ocean Independence also recognises the crucial role of social responsibility in creating an entirely sustainable service.

For us, sustainability involves both helping to preserve the precious seascapes our yachts grace, and remaining true to our passion for people. Implemented internally, across our fleet, and in wider society, we work with partners who facilitate our contribution to meaningful, philanthropic initiatives to drive positive change, while also fostering ethical protocols, to guarantee clients and staff a sustainably sound, and socially responsible service. 

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How can we achieve this? Our Goals for Sustainable Yachting

Acknowledging the need to take accountability for our impact on the environment and people, we can work towards creating a service offering an in-depth understanding of sustainability while maintaining high-end custom solutions for our clients in the luxury yacht industry.

By breaking our sustainability goals up into four key pillars and devising an ongoing action plan to ensure their efficient execution, we hope to transform our industry-leading charter fleet, and all workspaces into cleaner, diverse, and ethical green yachting environments.


Our Four ORCA Pillars

The love for sustainable yachting within Ocean Independence is not complete without caring for all elements which the industry represents. As such, we are committed to doing our best in caring for the environment we love, as well as the people we come into contact with - be it clients, industry friends or the Ocean Independence family.

Through this commitment, we have developed and will continue to develop ORCA - Our Resolution to Care and Act. ORCA aims to promote a healthy green yachting environment, enforce social responsibility, ensure a positive space for people to thrive in all aspects, and finally to continue practicing our high standards of ethical behaviour.

Healthy Environment

We are committed to integrating carbon offsetting into everything we do. From reducing our footprint produced by corporate travel and streamlining our office consumption, to charitable donations for relevant projects, working with ClimatePartner to offset carbon released on charters, and advising sustainable alternatives for new build or refit customers, we are working towards carbon neutral company and product status by 2035.

Social Responsibility

Passionate about supporting all areas of social responsibility, we purchase Fair Trade products whenever possible, and offer fair working conditions for all staff and crew. While working in partnership with ClimatePartner to fund projects, such as micro energy credits supporting key social sustainability issues around the world, we are dedicated to becoming a socially responsible certified company by 2030.

Thriving People

As a private, family-owned company with a true family spirit, respect for people is a core value at Ocean Independence. Striving to produce a work environment where our employees can thrive, we are investing in our team through a comprehensive personal development plan for each team member until 2025.

Ethical Behaviour

Through reviewing all our compensation packages to proactively ensure that Ocean Independence as a whole provides gender equality and diversity, while looking to take further positive steps such as joining relevant associations and creating an amended internal code of conduct, we are dedicated to becoming the most ethical company in the luxury yachting industry.

Our Charter Carbon Offset Project

Our charter clients can now offset the carbon footprint of their time on board. Though our partnership with ClimatePartner, eco-conscious Clients can contribute to a variety of high-impact projects across the globe in order to reduce their impact on the environment. Find out what’s involved, and how you can get involved.

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