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Your yacht charter experience Private yacht charter: Where the exceptional becomes reality

A fully bespoke experience We tailor every last detail to create a private yacht charter experience just for you

At Ocean Independence, our Yacht Charter Consultants pride themselves on exceeding your expectations. With emphasis on freedom and flexibility, we will deliver the definitive bespoke yacht charter experience, underpinned by excellent service.

Whether you are looking for a romantic getaway on the French Riviera or a taste of adventure amongst the magical archipelagos of Thailand, we will consider every aspect to create the perfect yacht charter experience. From the yacht itself, to the food and activities, every last detail of your charter is tailored to your precise requirements while the world’s largest luxury charter yacht fleet offers limitless opportunities for your private yacht charter experience.

With our bespoke itineraries and extensive local knowledge, whether it’s a honeymoon like no other, a corporate event, or celebrating a special occasion, visit the most exclusive party destinations and breath-taking anchorages for a yacht charter experience like no other.

Exploration and adventure Endless Discovery at Sea

Explore spectacular landscapes and untouched, remote islands from the privacy and luxury of a superyacht and discover parts of the world that few others have. From engaging with local tribes, and swimming with sharks, to diving ancient wrecks, and kayaking among icebergs, these are just a few of the breath-taking yacht charter experiences you can expect on a luxury yacht rental.

Whether it’s heading off the beaten track to see the awe-inspiring landscapes of Antarctica, or soaking up the Caribbean sun, our expert charter Team can recommend the most unique charter destinations on Earth and the yachts that were designed to take you there for a truly unforgettable yacht charter experience.

Privacy and Flexibility The world's most exclusive vacations

A private superyacht charter provides a level of flexibility and privacy a land-based vacation simply can’t. Wake up to uninterrupted views of stunning landscapes every morning before enjoying relaxing mornings afloat or adventurous cruising to coves inaccessible by road. While 7-star service entirely dedicated to you and your guests ensures your every desire is met, the flexibility of a private yacht charter is what sets them apart from any other holiday.

Choose where and when you want to visit the world’s most exclusive locations in the lap of luxury. With stunning views passing by your window and exciting experiences awaiting, your bespoke charter itinerary accounts for the requirements and preferences of each guest and is effortlessly adjusted if your plans change while underway.

Superyacht Toys Enjoy an Ocean of Fun and Activity

For those who want to keep up with the latest innovations, we can recommend a private yacht charter equipped with a great selection of tenders and toys. Superyacht toys are available on both motor and sailing yachts so you can make the most of your time when you arrive at a picturesque anchorage or remote island destination. From hydrofoil boards and inflatable slides to snorkelling gear, jet skis and personal submarines, a wide range of watertoys add another dimension to life on board for a truly memorable yacht charter experience. Fun-filled afternoons with the family, or high-speed adventures, a selection of the latest yacht toys are sure to make cruising in any charter destination even more special.

Technology and Connectivity Onboard Entertainment

As the modern world becomes increasingly flooded with technology and our need for on-demand connectivity grows, the latest advances in yacht technology now offer the same online experience you would expect while ashore.

Inside and on the deck of your private charter yacht you will find the latest in high grade AV, WiFi and entertainment systems so a cosy movie night with the family, streaming live sports events, or video calls are a seamless experience.

Culinary delights World-class gastronomy on the water

Whilst on board, your highly trained, dedicated chef will tailor each day’s menu to your exacting tastes and dietary requirements. Whether your preference is for formal 5-course dinners, more casual alfresco BBQs, or a beach picnic at sunset, the chef and crew will delight in creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience with a waterfront view like no other. Should you wish to taste the local cuisine, your onboard chef can prepare a meal with locally sourced ingredients, or your Captain can recommend and arrange the very best restaurants for a yacht charter experience totally immersed in the region’s culture.

Fresh sushi

Health and wellbeing Recharge your mind, body and soul

Relax and unwind in the complete peace and seclusion of a luxurious private yacht. Spa facilities on board range from Jacuzzis and Hammam to steam rooms and massage rooms with private massage therapists. Gym equipment is also standard on many yachts, and crew members often double as personal trainers and yoga instructors so you can keep your mind and body healthy for the ultimate in relaxation on your superyacht charter experience.

A woman enjoying early morning yoga on a yacht

Family fun Facilities and features for everyone

A family holiday on board a crewed luxury charter yacht offers a unique chance to enjoy quality time together in comfort and privacy. We can build you a personalised yacht charter itinerary that features something for everyone. From water sports and onshore excursions to massage therapy and fine dining, wonderful memories to cherish for a lifetime are certain to be made on a private yacht charter with family and friends.

Two children jumping into the sea

Corporate and Events Entertain on board a private luxury yacht

Many of the world’s most exclusive social, corporate, and sporting events are best enjoyed by yacht. From the Monaco Grand Prix to the Cannes Film Festival, with their luxurious accommodation and unmatched privacy, superyachts are the ideal way to experience these events.

For private events and entertaining, a luxury yacht charter offers an excellent platform to bring everyone together. Set sail for an intimate wedding celebration on the open water or host a party while in port. A yacht’s spacious decks and salon can be converted into a venue like no other.

The Monaco Grand Prix

Need help or advice?

The yachting journey can be complex with many decisions to be made. Get in touch with Ocean Independence, and one of our specialist consultants will help you make the right choices.

As a truly global company with 14 offices worldwide, we’re available 24/7 to help with any enquiries.

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