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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 to 12 PDF Download 2023-2024


Sample Papers for Class 1 to 12 - Free PDF

Class 1 to 12 is a vivid curriculum that students follow to get educated by following the curriculum set by the CBSE board. This curriculum for 12 years has a comprehensive set of syllabi followed every year. Each syllabus has a set of subjects chosen to develop particular concepts and knowledge among the students. To help this knowledge-building and conceptual development, download and solve the CBSE Class 1 to 12 Sample Papers for All Subjects developed by the experts. Check the solutions provided to find the accurate answers to all the questions in these sample papers.

Vedantu is a game-changer in the Indian education scenario. Vedantu offers sample papers for CBSE and ICSE board students. It also provides sample question papers for various national-level competitive examinations including JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) for engineering aspirants and NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) for medical candidates. The sample test papers with solutions provided by Vedantu are crafted brilliantly by the expert teaching professionals to give students an edge over their peers and help students score higher marks in exams. These sample papers are designed as per strict NCERT guidelines and are available in easily downloadable PDF format.

CBSE Class 1 to 12 comprises all the conceptual based subjects that require a good understanding and rigorous practice. Vedantu, hence, provides a systematic, chapter wise organised PDF of sample question papers for students for better practice. These sample papers contain the exact pattern of the CBSE question paper, based on the previous papers. Students of Classes 10 and 12 also get an idea of the questions of their board exams through these sample question papers.

Most students find it difficult to gather more question sets to practise and some are unaware of whether the question set is based on the CBSE pattern. But with Vedantu, they can grab access to these question sets and evaluate their progress. This way students can know where they fall and how much effort needs to be put in more to excel. Vedantu CBSE question papers are set as per the current weightage of each chapter and students can know which chapters and topics they need to focus on with more viability.

Importance of CBSE Class 1 to 12 Sample Papers for All Subjects

The need for Sample Papers for Classes 1 to 12 can be realised when a student wants to test his preparation and answering skills. Once a chapter is completed by a student along with its exercise, he will need a testing platform that will let him analyse his current preparation level. This is where the sample papers can be used.

These papers have been developed by respective subject experts of Vedantu. They have followed the latest CBSE Syllabus for the subjects and compiled the answers accordingly. These sample papers will act as the perfect tool for the students to practise once a chapter is done. They can also use these sample question papers to find suggested ideas related to question formats and patterns.

Hence, we can clearly understand that these sample papers for all the subjects in Class 1 to 12 curriculums will become an integral part of the study material students avail for preparation.

Benefits of CBSE Class 1 to 12 Sample Papers for All Subjects

  • The papers also come with proper solutions composed by the same experts. They will find the best answers to the fundamental questions asked in these papers and can proceed with their preparation.

  • Resolving doubts related to the questions in a paper will not be a problem when the students have the respective solutions in hand.

  • These sample papers will also broaden the preparation of a subject for the students. Apart from learning the suggested questions, they will also learn to compile answers properly and can score more in the exams.

The links to download the Sample Papers for Classes 1 to 12 are provided in the table below:

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

CBSE Sample Papers 2022-23 - Free PDF Download

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is a national-level board of education. CBSE has set a high standard of education in India with its holistic approach. The board is committed to providing quality education that would nurture the overall growth of students along with academic excellence. CBSE board keeps upgrading its course content. The syllabus, topics and exam pattern are revised regularly to keep up with the changing trends in education and the vast pool of growing information. CBSE students must be actively involved with the curriculum to understand the subject content curated in the interest of students’ complete development. The course structure is set as per the CBSE guidelines.

In order to be completely aware of the question pattern, important questions, and marking scheme, it is crucial that students solve as many sample papers as possible. Solving sample papers is a great way to score higher in school examinations and learn important topics in depth. Students are well-versed with all the tips and tricks of scoring high in exams if they solve our sample papers 2020. Don’t refrain from solving sample question papers as there is no better way of staying competent and achieving an edge over other students.

As precisely on time as could be expected, track down what subjects will be asked in your test, the sort of test, and its conditions. But this requires a huge chunk of time and you, undoubtedly, won't want to deal with the expense of that, so Vedantu provides solutions in the form of PDFs of the number of exercises of Class 1 to 12 Mathematics. Major chapters that have the most weightage in the exam can be figured out through the sample question paper set for better practice.

You can track down questions about your test from a lot more places, but that would take hours. Therefore, you can refer to the Vedantu CBSE sample papers' PDF. This would save time and effort. Vedantu proposes to use Solutions pdfs to evaluate yourself. Check out the test questions from earlier years, from the Vedantu page.

Vedantu fetches and does a detailed overview of the CBSE exam pattern. This way all the questions set are subject as well as topic-oriented. With Vedantu dealing with any outcomes concerning Class 1 to 12 CBSE, you can do this with no issue.

Students have little to no knowledge about what topics to cover, and what chapters are the crucial ones. Hence, it is advised to go through all the chapters first. And then practise from Vedantu Sample Questions CBSE. This way students would know questions from which chapters come the most and where to put in more effort. Then, you can return back to your textbook and learn the important formulae and concepts of that particular subject. Again you can start doing exercises from the sample papers and continue this cycle until you gain confidence in the subject.

Download PDF files of CBSE Sample Papers and get outstanding results in exams.

CBSE Class 12 Sample Papers

The Class 12 board exam is the most important milestone in students' academic life. Attaining success in the Class 12 exam becomes extremely crucial to lay the foundation for a subsequent professional career. Scoring good grades in the 12th class board examinations is important for a student to pursue his dream career and taking admission to any esteemed college for higher studies. It is imperative that students solve well-curated sets of sample papers in order to learn and practise subjects better. 

Sample papers for CBSE Class 12 provided to students registering to Vedantu’s education service would be a great help in board exams. The sample paper prepared by the panel of the most experienced teachers at Vedantu will help you become a top scorer in CBSE board examinations and push you to achieve your career goals.

Download the CBSE 2022-23 Sample Question Papers for Class 12 with Solutions

CBSE Class 11 Sample Papers

Class 11 syllabus appears difficult to many students as the course structure changes completely after 10th grade. Therefore, students often feel nervous and underprepared to take that wide leap. What can help students to plan their most crucial years of school i.e. 11th and 12th is well-designed sample papers. By downloading solved sample papers for CBSE Class 11 and practising them, students can plan their preparation for the board exam as well as other entrance tests.

Download the CBSE 2022-23 Sample Question Papers for Class 11 with Solutions

CBSE Class 10 Sample Papers

Solving sample papers during Class 10 is important to understand the board exam pattern and have a thorough practice of subjects like Mathematics, Science, English, Hindi, and Social Science. provides the best assistance to students preparing for Class 10 board exams with the most relevant sample papers that are free to download.

Download the Term 1 CBSE 2022-23 Sample Question Papers for Class 10 with Solutions

Download the CBSE 2022-23 Sample Question Papers for Class 10 with Solutions

CBSE Class 9 Sample Papers

Students must plan their Class 9 properly to excel in Class 10 board examinations. The preparation strategy must include solving enough sample papers to brush each and every topic studied so far. Download the free sample paper for Class 9 CBSE exam, as per the syllabus.

Download the CBSE 2022-23 Sample Question Papers for Class 9 with Solutions

CBSE Class 8 Sample Papers

If you are looking for the CBSE sample papers that contain updated question patterns and hand-picked questions to improve your performance in grade 8, Vedantu is the right place to find them. Vedantu provides well-balanced practice question papers with both easy and difficult questions for students that can be asked in exams. 

CBSE Class 7 Sample Papers

CBSE Sample Papers are available for Class 7 Science, Maths, Social Science, and English in free PDF format at Vedantu’s website. With hassle-free PDF solutions, students can fast track their preparation for the exam. If students spend enough time to solve sample papers and study well, they can improve their subject knowledge. They can also take help from our subject experts who have a wealth of knowledge.

CBSE Class 6 Sample Papers

Prepared by our subject matter experts, our CBSE sample question papers for Class 6 will kick-start your preparation and increase your chances of scoring higher marks in exams. Register for Live Online Home tuitions to clear all your doubts from India’s most experienced teachers. 

CBSE Class 5 Sample Papers

Vedantu provides a brilliant set of sample papers that guide students to master Class 5 subject concepts. Free PDF of Sample Papers for Class 5 is available to provide guidance to achieve excellence in exams. Download now and start your preparation for exams.

CBSE Class 4 Sample Papers

The free PDF download of sample papers for CBSE Class 4 can be accessed on Vedantu’s website. Students can also register with Vedantu to take guidance from our subject matter experts to excel in CBSE exams by solving these model papers. 

CBSE Class 3 Sample Papers

Free PDF of CBSE Sample Paper for CBSE Class 3 is available for student’s use. Solutions are given by our subject-matter experts who will assist students to increase their grades in Class 3 exams. Moreover, Vedantu provides the best in-house teachers to guide them in their early academic years. 

CBSE Class 2 Sample Papers

We, at Vedantu, provide the best sample papers for CBSE Class 2 that guide students to master subject concepts thoroughly. Free PDF of Sample Papers for Class 2 is available to hone the problem-solving skills of students. Along with that, students can take assistance from our best teachers who provide LIVE interactive sessions with students to clear their doubts.

CBSE Class 1 Sample Papers

Free PDF downloadable link of CBSE sample question papers for Class 1 will help students to perform excellently in exams. They can also join Vedantu for Live Online Home tuitions offered by some of India’s most experienced teachers.

ICSE/ISC Sample Papers

Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations (CISCE) is a prestigious council that organises ICSE (Class X) and ISC (Class XII) Board curriculum. The national board of education fosters high education standards in the country and promotes the overall development of students with its quality education and comprehensive training. We, at Vedantu, provide sample papers for 10th (ICSE) and 12th (ISC) board students. Once you start solving sample papers, it will help you improve your subject knowledge, time management, and boost your confidence for the board exams.

ISC Sample Papers for Class 12

Vedantu provides free sample papers in PDF format for ISC students to excel in board exams. Sample papers provided by Vedantu are designed as per the latest syllabus and include all the important questions that students need to practise in order to perform well in the exam. Students will have a fair understanding of important topics and marking schemes if they regularly solve sample papers. 

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10

Download the latest sample paper for Class 10 ICSE board at our website and get full coverage on the important topics and latest exam pattern. Vedantu provides a well-crafted set of sample papers that guide students to prepare for their ICSE exam. Sample test papers are available for free download. Students can also register to get expert guidance from top teachers to have a thorough understanding of concepts.

Sample Papers for JEE

JEE aspirants can get full assistance from the best online tutoring platform, Vedantu. Admission to undergraduate engineering programs at IITs, NITS, and other Centrally Funded Technical Institutions (CFTI) happens through JEE (Joint Entrance Examination) conducted by NTA (National Testing Agency). However, the admission criteria also include performance in the Class 12 examination. Thus, to perform well in the exam and score high in JEE, students need enough practice and assistance from the teachers who have enough knowledge and experience.

We have worked with our most experienced teachers who have years of training JEE candidates to create the best sample papers for clearing JEE Main and Advanced exams. Sample papers are available for free download for students who register to our website. So, what are you waiting for? Register at and improve your score.

JEE Main Sample Question Papers

JEE Advanced Sample Question Papers

Sample Papers for NEET

NEET (National Eligibility cum Entrance Test) is an all India level common entrance examination for admission to MBBS and BDS courses at various government and private medical colleges in the country. Students who want to pursue a career in the medical profession have to take the NEET examination compulsorily. Those who aspire to study in medical colleges in India have to clear this entrance examination, which is the National Level entrance examination for medical courses at the graduation level.

At Vedantu, we help you clear NEET with the score you aim for! However, students need to work hard and practise as many sample papers as they can. But, the question is where to source sample papers that are the most relevant. When it comes to the most accurate sample papers, students can trust Vedantu and its team of great teachers who have years of teaching experience and are well aware of the tips and tricks. Download free sample papers from our website and gear up your preparation for NEET 2022.

NEET Sample Question Papers

Free CBSE & ICSE Sample Papers for 2021-22 Examinations

The ICSE and CBSE sample papers by Vedantu are masterfully crafted by expert teachers at Vedantu for students following the prescribed curriculum across the nation. If you've ever wanted alternatives to existing textbook solutions, the Vedantu CBSE and ICSE solutions will deliver to you the ultimate edge, crafted to sheer academic perfection.

Vedantu offers responses for class CBSE and ICSE sample papers for Classes 1 to 12.

You might be required to give several tests by setting a timer so that you can evaluate where you stand. This way you can evaluate yourself after each practice test. And that would require CBSE and ICSE sample papers Solution for Classes 1 to 12 by Vedantu.

A strong academic foundation is the gateway to successful careers and lucrative real-world opportunities for students who aspire the Possibly the best framework for progressing toward your exams is to make notes and consider errors you've made while practising exercise questions. This is particularly critical expecting you have now had a test this semester in a practically identical course or with a subject teacher in your past course. With Vedantu, you can screen all your past mistakes through Solutions of CBSE & ICSE sample papers Class 1 to 12

With sample papers drafted for Grades 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, we provide thoroughly explained solutions in a step-by-step question and answer format for each and every paper. Subjects covered by our Sample Papers range from (but are not limited to) Maths, Science (Physics, Biology, Chemistry), Social Sciences, and the languages. NCERT’s latest sample papers for exams which are available for free download on our website are ideal for students to perform to the best of their capabilities, as the variety of questions helps prepare them to solve a range of problems in a time bound manner.

Available in an easy-to-download format, the PDF versions of these NCERT academic sample papers are accessible to everyone for free and can be availed by simply visiting

A strong academic foundation is the gateway to successful careers and lucrative real-world opportunities for students who aspire to venture into different educational fields in the future. 

The concepts of Maths and Sciences are needed in everyday life while subjects like the Social Sciences and Languages allow students to immerse themselves into different cultures and experience the marvels of communication to the fullest.

Through subjects like History and Civics, students learn about their national past, past wars, and historic achievements which led to the present. Sample papers on literature provide students a comprehensive understanding of literary devices and allows them to discern the differences between good and bad writing. The CBSE Sample Paper free PDF download is available on Vedantu.

The topics contained in these sample papers have appeared in previous board examinations, thus aiding in board exam revisions and enabling students to tackle the upcoming ICSE and CBSE board exams with ease and confidence. The ICSE latest sample papers for the exam enable students to solve questions pertaining specifically to that board.

Why Sample Papers by Vedantu?

A strong academic foundation leads to a successful career. Students aiming for a rewarding career know that it does not come with studying a night before exams! You must work hard towards your goal every day and be consistent in studies. Hard work of years finally pays off at the time when you earn a lucrative job. But for that, you need to put your energy into developing in-depth subject knowledge. The secret of success lies in the right balance of hard and smart work. Vedantu is a premier online mentoring platform that helps students achieve academic excellence that would lead to successful professional growth. 

Practice makes a man perfect! And that applies even in the field of education. The more you practise your concepts, the better you get at it. Sample papers are a great way to practise more and more questions. It also helps in understanding the latest exam pattern, weightage of different topics, important questions, etc. This, in turn, will help to improve grades in examinations. 

Sample papers provided by Vedantu are 100% accurate, most relevant, precise, and up to date as per the guidelines of CBSE and ICSE/ISC board. Vedantu is a pioneer in creating the most efficient sample papers which can be availed free of cost. Sample papers are available in PDF format which can be easily downloaded and can also be used offline. And, the most important thing is that these sample papers are created by subject matter experts who hold years of experience in the domain. Download free sample papers now and embark on the journey towards success.

Vedantu Gives You the Competitive Edge

Confidence and ease of learning are synonymous with our ICSE and CBSE sample papers. With solutions broken down into bite-sized concepts, these papers are ideal for use as supplements along with existing prescribed material for the board exams. Students are advised to review concepts and test their understanding by going through these sample papers carefully before appearing for their upcoming board exams.

For additional help, students are welcome to visit and enrol for private tuitions which delivers a customised academic edge. Students can select from our team of experienced tutors and study according to their own pace and preferences. Assessment tests are carried out throughout every module of our online programs to ensure a thorough understanding and overview of concepts.

In addition to this, our Sample Papers are viewable across an array of electronic devices that come with e-reader support, including laptops, tablets, iPads, and smartphones. Experience education on the go and learn from the best only at Vedantu.

CBSE Related Links Classes 1 to 12

Download CBSE Class 1 to 12 Sample Papers for All Subjects PDF

Get the free PDF version of these sample papers for Class 1 to 12 All Subjects along with proper solutions. Make your study sessions more productive and get good grades in the respective exams. Develop your confidence by solving these papers to stay ahead of the competition.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 1 to 12 PDF Download 2023-2024

1. How to prepare for Mathematics Class 12?

As early as possible, figure out what subjects will be covered in your test, the kind of test and its conditions. But this requires a great deal of time and you might not have any desire to bear the cost of that, so Vedantu brings revision notes, sample papers and many other study materials that can help you prepare for Class 12 Maths.

2. What are the important things to remember while studying for Class 10 CBSE?

You can find information about your test from two or three books, yet that would be excessively monotonous. Subsequently, you can try to study R S Aggarwal's book. Make sure you practise regularly and keep a check on all your mistakes. Apart from that, revise regularly with the help of the sample papers available in the Vedantu site page.

3. How would I prepare for my test for Class 11 ICSE?

ISC Class 11 can be tough but with regular practice, it will be easy to score. For scoring well, keep a constant check on the Vedantu website, where you will find all the required items for your Class 11 ISC exams. The best way to prepare is to sit to study every single day and make sure you retain all that is studied.

4. Where would I be able to get the arranged solutions for every one of the chapters of Class 12 Mathematics CBSE?

You can download the free PDF result for Mathematics Class 12 of CBSE. You can get questions from the free PDF solution by Vedantu and practise them excessively and do not see the answers priorly. After that, you can evaluate yourself and then check the solution.

5. How can I benefit from solving sample papers?

The sample papers have been designed following the question patterns and trends that the CBSE board composed. These trending patterns will enable students to become accustomed to such questions and will guide them to formulate the right answers.