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RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Math

VSAT 2023

RD Sharma Class 7 Math Solutions - Free PDF Download

Math is one of the most challenging subjects. Over the period, the fear of math has grown too much for some students. But for some others, Math is fun and they love it. Math can be easily understood if the basics are strong. In this era of digital life, students often opt for online learning platforms like Vedantu thinking about the ease of learning by conveniently sitting at any corner of your home.

Vedantu provides best quality solutions of RD Sharma for Class 7 students in order to level up their skill sets. These solutions help students not only understand the basic concepts of the Chapter but also can be very beneficial for those who are good at Math and want to push themselves a level up for better preparation.

Vedantu also provides free NCERT Solutions for the students. You can Download NCERT Class 7 Science and Class 7 Math to score more marks in your examination.

The syllabus of Class 7 Math consists of the topics that build the foundational pillar of the subject for the students. All the concepts that students are going to learn in Class 7 Math are going to help them in understanding Math at a deeper level. Hence, the students of Class 7 require as much practice of all the Chapters of the Math as possible.

The best way to have this practice is by solving the exercises given in the RD Sharma book for each of the Chapters. Because the exercises are designed in such a manner that it covers the complete syllabus of the subject, and hence it provides complete practice to the students.

But, only solving the questions from the exercise does not help because one more thing that is necessary for the students is to be sure about the solutions that they have done. Meaning, students must know whether they have done the solutions of the RD Sharma Class 7 exercise correctly or not.

And hence Vedantu provides the complete solutions for the Class 7 Math RD Sharma for a free download.

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Overview of the Solutions of the Class 7 Math

The solutions that Vedantu provides covers each of the exercise of all the Chapters, in the following manner:

  • 4 Exercises from Chapter 1 Integers.

  • 3 Exercises from the second Chapter fractions.

  • 3 Exercises from Chapter number three Decimals.

  • 6 Exercises from Chapter 4 Rational numbers.

  • 5 Exercises from Chapter 5 Operations on the rational number.

  • 3 Exercises from the Chapter 6 Exponents.

  • 4 Exercises from the Chapter from the Algebraic Expressions.

  • 4 Exercises from Chapter number 8 Linear Equations in One Variable.

  • 3 Exercises from Chapter 9 ratio and Proportion.

  • Chapter 10 only consists of one exercise Unitary Method.

  • Chapter 11 which is Percentage consists of 6 exercises.

  • The next two Chapters 12 and 13 consist of only one exercise.

  • Chapter 14 which is Lines and Angles consists of 2 exercises.

  • Chapter numbers 15, 16, and 17, which are Properties of Triangles, Congruence, and Constructions respectively consists of 5 exercises.

  • Symmetry the 18th Chapter consists of 3 exercises.

  • 2 exercises from Chapter 19 which is visualizing Solid Shapes.

  • Chapter 20 Mensuration (Area of Circle) consists of 4 exercises.

  • Part 2 of Mensuration which is Chapter number 21 Perimeter and Area of Rectilinear Figures, consists of 2 Exercises.

  • For Data handling, Chapter 23, only one exercise.

  • 4 Exercises from Chapter 23 Data handling (Central values)

  • The last two Chapters, that is to say, Chapter 24 Construction of Bar Graphs, and Chapter 25 Data handling Probability, only consists of 2 exercises.

FAQs on RD Sharma Solutions Class 7 Math

1. Is the Class 7 RD Sharma Solutions provided by Vedantu reliable?

Yes, Vedantu provides you with the best, easy, reliable, and convenient to understand solutions that are prepared by experts who have mastered the subject. During this pandemic, education has completely shifted online, and many students are not used to it so providing content that can be equally beneficial for both average and topper students is a tough nut to crack but Vedantu did it and made it reliable for all.

2. Are these solutions enough for my Maths exam?

Yes, it is. RD Sharma Math is one of the best books available for Class 7 Math and students get all the solutions in detail.

Vedantu provides Chapter-wise solutions and it covers the whole syllabus so that nothing is left to study. Students can use this to clear doubts and learn the different and detailed explanations which they can use in their exams to score more.

3. What are the advantages of having the RD Sharma Class 7 Math solutions?

The solutions for the Class 7 RD Sharma plays a crucial role for the students in preparing for the Math subject.

  • It is the best way for the students to compare their answers and therefore make sure that they have made no mistake.

  • The solutions of the Class 7 RD Sharma explain everything in a Step-by-step manner and hence it helps the students in understanding the particular Chapter.

  • The solution becomes extremely handy when the students encounter some really tricky questions.

4. Is it a good idea to always refer to the solutions of the RD Sharma Class 7 Math, whenever I encounter a problem?

Though solutions are extremely helpful to the students and students must use them whenever it is necessary, it still does not mean that the students have to check for the solutions as soon as they encounter the problem. Rather they must give that particular question a second try. If the problem persists, then they must do some revision of the topic, for which this link may be useful: CBSE Class 7 Math Revision Notes

And if the question is still not clear then the students should definitely check out the solutions and understand the steps of solving the questions, and lastly solve the question once again.

5. Why should I use the Solutions for the Class 7 math RD Sharma that Vedantu Provides?

Vedantu provides the complete solutions of Class 7 Math RD Sharma, which it is said covers all the Chapters and all the exercises given in that Chapter. Furthermore, the solutions are prepared by expert teachers who not only know how to solve the questions but also how to communicate the same in an effective and efficient manner so that the Class 7 students can easily grasp it. Also, the solutions for each of the Chapters are available in a PDF file format, and it is completely free for download.