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NCERT Solutions 2022-23 for CBSE Class 4


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 - Free PDF Download

Class 4 students have English, Hindi, EVS, and Mathematics as their main subjects. In order to get a proper understanding of all the chapters included in the syllabus, students will need some help and assistance. The NCERT Solutions Class 4 will help students gain a detailed understanding of all the subjects and the chapters included in them. These solutions will help in improving the logical and reasoning skills of students as well. The learned experts at Vedantu have designed these solutions to ensure that students have a strong grasp of the subjects. Download the NCERT solutions for Class 4 All Subjects right now from Vedantu and improve your performance in class.


The chapters in the syllabus of all the subjects will help the students understand different concepts easily. They can refer to the solutions and tackle the most difficult questions in their exams. These study materials are extremely reliable and helpful for class 4 students.


Significance of NCERT Solutions Class 4 Chapter Wise List

Students can download the PDF files of NCERT solutions for different subjects that are taught in Class 4. By practising the solutions, they will be able to improve their understanding of the chapters. The subjects of Mathematics, English, Hindi, and EVS are covered in these solutions. Not to mention that these solutions have been organized in a systematic manner. So, if you are trying to find the solutions to a specific chapter, you can simply download that particular PDF file. Every single solution has been explained in detail and using simple language for the students. So, in case you are facing any difficulty in understanding the chapters, you can download these solutions and gather information easily. The solutions are explained using graphs, diagrams, pictures, and other interactive imagery to boost the creative skills of the students.


The Vedantu experts have ensured that students have a simple and effective way of learning the lessons. They have provided a compilation of important topics covered in Class 4 NCERT Solutions for the students. By following the solutions, students can figure out the probable exam pattern and answering format easily. This is something that will help in elevating their performance in the class. These solutions are designed on the basis of CBSE guidelines. Hence, students can refer to the solutions and improve their answering skills in the best way. Download the solutions right now and increase your chances of doing well in the exams. 

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths | Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths. These solutions are provided by the Maths experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.

Class 5 English Marigold NCERT Solutions

NCERT Solutions for Class 5 English have been provided for all the chapters. Download free PDFs of these chapter-wise NCERT solutions from the links below.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi | Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Hindi. These solutions are provided by the Hindi experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS | Chapter-wise List

Given below are the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 4 EVS. These solutions are provided by the EVS experts at Vedantu in a detailed manner. Go through these chapter-wise solutions to be thoroughly familiar with the concepts.

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NCERT Solutions For Class 4 - Free PDF Download

Students go through five subjects, namely: Maths, Environmental Studies, Science, Hindi, and English in their Class 4. Class 4 NCERT Solution consists of all the crucial topics included in these subjects, along with their proper explanation for a better understanding of students. These solutions provide the superlative framework for both class assignments and annual examinations. Students will find answers to all their textbook problems in one single place.

Students facing issues in solving answers to the complicated questions can download Class 4 NCERT Solutions pdf for all subjects, though the link is given below. By clicking, students will be able to download the PDF for free. This helps them refer to it offline as well.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Maths

Class 4 Maths syllabus covers basic Mathematics topics like Building with Bricks, Long and Short, A Trip to Bhopal, The Way The World Looks, Tick-Tick-Tick, Jugs and Mugs, and more. The chapter like How Heavy? How light? It Will help students to build an understanding of measurement basics. Other chapters like Carts and Wheels, Smart Charts, Fields and Fences, and Play with Patterns will enhance students’ reasoning skills. NCERT solutions Class 4 pdf will help students to have an in-depth knowledge of basic mathematics concepts.

Class 4 Maths can be difficult for students as there is a sudden increase in difficulty and complexity. The NCERT Solutions provide explained chapters and topics that are easy to understand and learn. These solutions make learning fun for the students and help them fall in love with the subject as they are able to easily understand how one can solve the sums effortlessly. Some of the topics that are covered in the Class 4 Maths are as follows:

5-Digits Number - This chapter explains about 5 digits numbers, commas in 5 digits numbers, how many 5 digits numbers can be formed, etc. You will also learn how to decompose a 5 digits number. Practice the examples and the exercise questions using the NCERT solutions. Good knowledge of this chapter will definitely help you in higher classes.

Addition and Subtraction - This is a very important topic that you need to focus on. In this chapter, you will learn about both addition and subtraction. You will also get to know about their symbols, formulas, etc. Practice questions and exercise examples in a separate note. The chapter also covers addition and subtraction with regrouping, addition, and subtraction using the number line, etc. You will also get to know their properties and real-life applications. Solve as many questions and examples as possible and use the CBSE Class 4 NCERT solutions for additional reference.

Decimals - This is another important topic that you have to focus on. In this topic, you will get to know about decimals and some interesting notes and facts about them. Understand how to read decimal numbers and how to write them. The chapter also covers how to round decimals to the nearest tenth. Practice questions and examples from the solutions and maintain separate notes for practising them. You will learn how to compare decimals and the types of decimals. Also, go through a few examples and practice. Keep practising both terminating and non-terminating decimals along with the examples to grasp the concept.

Divisibility Rules - In this topic, you will learn about all the divisibility rules, practise examples for each of the rules, and be thorough with them. Next, you will learn about divisibility rules for prime numbers. Solve exercise examples and solve related questions from the NCERT solutions. Make separate notes and highlight salient points.

Equivalent Fractions - This chapter entails everything about equivalent fractions. Go through a few examples and study the topic. Next, you will learn how to find equivalent fractions as well as the methods used, such as multiplying the numerator and denominator by the same number and dividing the numerator and denominator by the same number. Practice examples and related questions. The chapter also has detailed explanations on how to determine if two fractions are equivalent. The three methods for doing so are: making the denominator the same, finding the decimal form of both the fractions and the cross multiply method. Practice and understand all the methods, solve exercise questions and use the NCERT Solutions as reference.

Factors and Multiples - The first topic in this chapter is factors, and it covers what factors are, their definition, properties, etc. Solve a few exercise examples to have a clear understanding of the topic. Next, you will learn the methods used for finding factors of a number. Understand how to find factors by division and multiplication, how to find the number of factors and algebra factors. Practice examples and solve the exercise questions. In the next topic, multiples, you will be introduced to multiples- what they are, their properties, etc. Practice examples and solve questions. Solve a few examples to improve your grasp of the chapter.

Fractions - The topic of fractions is covered in this chapter and you get to know about the parts of a fraction and their examples. You are introduced to the types of fractions such as proper, improper, unit, and mixed fractions. Solve examples for each and practice questions from the solutions. The last subtopic is about fractions on a number line, and you should practice the related questions.

Multiplication and Division - In the first topic, multiplication, you will learn what multiplication means and its symbol. The chapter covers formulas, practice examples, and questions related to them from the solutions. Next, you will get to know about multiplication with and without regrouping, multiplication using the number line, and real-life problems. Practice the exercise examples and questions and use the NCERT solutions for additional help. These topics are explained by the experts in the NCERT solutions and you can download the solutions PDF chapter-wise also. In the next topic, division, you will learn the symbol and its formula, the steps for long division, and solve related questions and examples. 

Prime Numbers - The NCERT solutions have explained this topic concisely and clearly, and you should take advantage of them. Practice the examples to understand the concepts correctly. The chapter covers prime numbers, their examples, etc. Next, you will get to know the properties of the prime numbers, prime numbers vs composite numbers, prime numbers vs co-prime numbers, etc. You should also learn the pattern of the prime numbers from 1 to 100. Practice regularly and make a separate note for revision purposes.

Relation Between Fractions and Decimals - This topic is also important for Class 4. This chapter explains the relationship between fractions and decimals, how to convert fractions into decimals and decimals into fractions. Practice a few examples for both and understand the concept before solving the exercise questions. Use the NCERT Class 4 Solutions for the exercise questions.

Measurement of Length - This topic is very small, and you will learn what measuring length is, its units and how to compare them. Solve examples and exercise questions. But remember, despite being small, it is an important chapter. 

Measurement of Weight - This chapter provides details on all the standard and non-standard units. Memorise the formulas and solve exercise examples. Use the NCERT solutions for solving the exercise questions. It is always better to know some tricks and tips that you can use for solving related questions.

Perimeter - This is another important topic in your Class 4 Maths syllabus. Go through the examples to understand how to find the perimeter, its units, and formulas. You will also get to know the difference between area and perimeter. Practice examples and solve questions using the solutions.

Bar Graph - In this topic, you will be introduced to a bar graph and its properties. You also learn about the uses of bar graphs, types of bar graphs, and how to draw a bar graph. Practice examples for all the types and solve questions for each type.

Solid Shapes - This chapter covers solid shapes, their properties, etc. You will learn about the sphere, cylinder, cone, etc., along with their formulas, and practice a few examples for each. Next, you will get to know about the faces, edges, and vertices of solid shapes. Understand their properties and go through a few examples to grasp the concept better. Use the NCERT solutions for solving the exercise questions and more. 

All the above topics are important, and they are explained thoroughly in the NCERT solutions, along with multiple examples for clarity. It is recommended that you follow the solutions for preparing, and you can also download solutions chapter-wise. Thus, you can adjust accordingly. These solutions offer an in-depth explanation, which is a must for Mathematics students. It not only clears the concept but does so in an easy manner, making the subject fun for students rather than a chore.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Environmental Studies

The EVS chapters include Going to School, Ear to Ear, A Day with Nandu, The Story of Amrita, From the Window, and more. Chapters like Reaching Grandmother’s House, Anita, and Honeybees, Hu Tu Tu, Hu Tu Tu, Changing Times, and A River’s Tale will build students’ understanding of the environment. Other chapters in EVS covers Home and Abroad, Too Much Water, Too Little Water, Spicy Riddles, Eating Together, and Defence Officer: Wahida. The students having proper knowledge of their EVS syllabus will be confident while attempting their exams.


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 Science

In Class 4, students will go through several basic topics as a part of the science subject. It covers plants and animals, the human body and health, habitats, air and water, our environment, food, and work, force, and energy. The chapter Our Environment introduces the importance of the environment, factors affecting the environment, and pollution. The chapter's human body provides an introduction to the digestive system, respiratory system, and more. Some of the important topics in the above chapters are as follows:

Plantlife and Animals - In this chapter, you get to know about plants and animals, their mechanism, examples, and life cycle. Practice diagrams and use the NCERT solutions for the exercise questions.

Human Body - This is the second chapter, where you learn about the human body parts and their functions. Practice the diagrams and their labelling. You can revise this chapter from the solutions.

Food and Nutrition - Understand the types of nutrition and in what food can we find them. This is the third chapter, and you have to practice the exercise questions and diagrams for detailed learning.

Clothes, Safety, and First Aids - This is one of the most important chapters in your Class 4 Science Syllabus. It covers the safety measures you must take, and what first aids you must use when someone is hurt. Be thorough with this chapter. Practice all the salient points and use the NCERT solutions for the exercise questions.

Force, Work, and Energy - This is the last chapter in your Class 4 Science Syllabus. The chapter explains what force is, its formula, and concepts related to it. Next, you get to learn about work and energy, their formulas, and practice examples before solving the exercise questions. The NCERT Solutions have explained this chapter with examples, and you can understand the concepts easily.

All the chapters are explained thoroughly in the solutions, and it is recommended that you practice and prepare using them. The CBSE 4th standard NCERT solutions are prepared by experts and you can also download chapter-wise solutions. One of the many advantages of NCERT Solutions is that it is presented in simple language. Students don't have to depend on anyone to help them with their studies or memorise the content to do well in their exams. With the help of these solutions, they can understand the concept thoroughly, and it will even help them in their higher classes. 


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English

Some of the chapters included in the English subject are Wake Up! Neha’s Alarm Clock, Run! Nasruddin’s Aim, Noses, The Little Fir Tree, Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark, and A Watering Rhyme. Chapters like Books- Going to Buy a Book will help students to understand the importance of books.


Benefits of Class 4 NCERT Solutions

NCERT solution for Class 4 is prepared to help students in their academic pursuits. These solutions contain the correct answers to all the questions and activities included at the end of the chapter. Some of the benefits of referring to NCERT Solutions Class 4 pdf include:

  • NCERT Solutions offer a step-by-step guide to every question asked in the Class 4 textbooks. It is one of the most valuable support that students can have while solving their class assignments.

  • CBSE students can prepare effectively for their annual exams by going through NCERT Solution of Class 4.

  • These solutions are prepared as per the syllabus of respective subjects in Class 4. The solutions offer proper assistance and a thorough learning process.

  • Practising NCERT solutions will help students to have a high understanding of topics and analyse their level of preparation.

  • Class 4th NCERT solutions will help students examine their weak areas and have an easy hand at the twisted questions.

Download Class 4 NCERT Solutions for All Subjects Right Now

Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for Class 4 provide a detailed understanding of all the subjects and the chapters included in the syllabus of Class 4 students. These solutions prove to be beneficial study resources for students who are lagging in their studies and want to improve their performance in class. With the easily-explained solutions, students can definitely gain a lot of insights about the chapters and understand them well. They can refer to the solutions in order to devise a proper preparation strategy for their exams as well. Go to the official website of Vedantu and download Class 4 All Subject Question Answer PDF files to complete your syllabus before the exams. 


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FAQs on NCERT Solutions 2022-23 for CBSE Class 4

1. What Topics are Covered in class 4 Mathematics?

Mathematics subject covers basic concepts in Class 4 syllabus like Number System, Addition, Factors Multiples Estimation, Subtraction, Patterns, Division, and Multiplication. The students will be asked to solve various Maths problems regarding these concepts. Apart from it, students will go through Symmetry, Geometrical Shapes, Decimal Numbers, Fractional Numbers, Money, Time, Calendar, Data Handling, and more. Students will learn the different decimal numbers into fractional numbers. The topic of geometrical shapes will help students analyse different types of shapes, like a circle, rhombus, trapezium, and more in mathematics.

2. Mention Important Facts Related to NCERT Solutions for Class 4.

Students must be aware of the importance of NCERT Solutions for Class 4 so that they can get the advantage of it. 

  • If students are stuck anywhere while solving certain questions, then they need to refer a certain subject NCERT solutions so that they get the right answer.

  • If you refer to NCERT solutions, then put in your mind to know how the solution reached the right answer.

  • Try to find out the way the solution has been derived using a particular NCERT chapter.

3. From where can I download NCERT Class 4 textbooks?

You can find NCERT Class 4 Textbooks in PDF format either on the Vedantu app or its website. These PDFs can be downloaded for offline use. Also, all the resources are free of cost. When it comes to learning new concepts and topics, the books you are referring to must be easy to understand and provide you with the knowledge you are looking for. These NCERT Books and their solutions available on Vedantu can fulfil these necessities.

4. Where can I get the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 in PDF format?

You can find the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 in PDF format on Vedantu’s app as well as website. Vedantu provides answers to all the questions that are mentioned at the end of every chapter in the NCERT textbooks. You can go through these solutions and prepare for your exams. You can download the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 from Vedantu.

5. How many chapters are there in different subjects of  Class 4?

Class 4 has four main subjects - English, Hindi, Maths and Environmental Studies. There are nine chapters in English, fourteen chapters in Hindi, fourteen chapters in Maths and twenty-seven chapters in Environmental Studies. You can prepare these chapters and revise thoroughly by taking the help of NCERT Solutions Class 4 provided by Vedantu. These downloadable PDF NCERT Solutions can be a helpful resource for your exam preparations.

6. How are the NCERT Solutions of Class 4 helpful?

Students of Class 4 have English, Hindi, EVS and Maths as main subjects. Students can refer to the NCERT Solutions for Class 4, provided by Vedantu, to understand every concept in detail. Students can go through the solutions to the questions given at the end of each chapter in NCERT Class 4 Books. This will develop their problem-solving abilities and help them understand the concepts properly.

7. In the poem Class 4 English Unit-7 poem “Hiawatha”, What did Hiawatha love?

In Class 4 English Unit-7 poem “Hiawatha”, Hiawatha was a red Indian boy who lived with his grandmother. He loved everything around him, such as birds and animals, insects, trees, the stars and everything else. He also loved to learn new languages. He learned the language that birds speak and used to talk to them. He learned their names, their secrets, and how birds make nests. He also learned the names of beasts living around him.