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CBSE Class 4 English NCERT Solutions 2022-23


NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English - Free PDF Download

NCERT offers easy solutions for Class 4 students, which helps them the subject better and lays a strong foundation. 4th Class English covers the fundamentals of the language, making it a key subject of the curriculum. These NCERT Solutions help students get a clear understanding of the chapters and help them prepare for their exams. At Vedantu, the NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English are compiled by highly experienced teachers as per the guidelines of CBSE.


Studying with the help of NCERT helps students score better marks as they are able to comprehend the subject better. The way to study English is also not the same as other subjects. Vedantu’s NCERT solutions for Class 4 play a very important role in this situation. It guides and teaches students a method of preparing for the subject and, at the same time, improves the language. NCERT Solutions are easily available today, where students can download it from Vedantu’s website and start studying without any unnecessary breaks.


The Class 4 English NCERT Solutions provides answers to all the textbook questions covered in the chapters of NCERT ‘Marigold’. The NCERT Solutions of Class 4 English make learning easy for the students. Our subject experts have prepared the Solutions in such a way that it helps the students to learn with keen interest. The NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English will act as a study guide for students for their exam preparation. Students can download and refer to the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English from Vedantu for free.

Class 4 English NCERT Solutions

Here are the links for the chapter-wise NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English that are available for free download.



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NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English

NCERT Solutions Class 4 English – Free PDF Download

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English Chapters

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English is available on Vedantu in PDF format. These NCERT Solutions provide essential guidance on all 10 units and 21 chapters that are comprised in the NCERT English book for Class 4 ‘Marigold’. The Solutions of NCERT Class 4 English PDF files can be downloaded for free from Vedantu.

Vedantu’s solutions for CBSE Class 4 English are written by experts who have the experience and knowledge in the field to write very accurate and crisp answers which would fetch maximum marks in the examination. These solutions also closely follow the NCERT guidelines and will not have any additional material than what is necessary.

With systematically arranged notes and well-prepared answers, students would enjoy learning the subject and develop a love for it. All answers are arranged in a chapter-wise manner which makes it easy for students to refer to them at the time of revision or in case of any doubts.

Vedantu also provides these answers online, free of cost for everyone to access. They are available online on Vedantu’s official website for students. In case students would like to download the answers in a PDF format, one can simply do so by clicking on the download PDF button in the top left corner. 

The NCERT Class 4 English textbook is Marigold and the units and chapters covered in it are tabulated below.




Wake Up!

Neha’s Alarm Clock



The Little Fir Tree



Nasruddin’s Aim



Alice in Wonderland


Don’t be afraid of the Dark

Helen Keller



The Scholar’s Mother Tongue


The Watering Rhyme

The Giving Tree

The Donkey



Going to buy a Book


The Naughty Boy


A brief overview of the chapters and the Class 4 NCERT Solutions English has been provided below.

NCERT Class 4 English - Chapter - Wise Details

Unit 1

Chapter 1: Wake Up!

The poem by Ajim Premji describes beautiful nature with its scenic serenity while encouraging the students to practice good habits of waking up early and enjoying the morning light with its beauty.


Chapter 2: Neha’s Alarm Clock

The story is about Neha, who wishes to sleep till late for the day by turning the alarm clock off. The story explores to find out whether or not Neha’s wish gets fulfilled.


Unit 2

Chapter 3: Noses

This chapter relates to a different perspective in defining our noses. It acts as a metaphorical term to bring out the fact that one particular thing can look different from different perspectives.


Chapter 4: The Little Fir Tree

The story is about a tree that became sad with its leaves that were like needles, and also because its golden leaves got stolen by a man.


Unit 3

Chapter 5: Run!

Mary Daunt’s poem pivots on the idea of understanding nature’s beauty and staying happy in each and every situation.


Chapter 6: Nasruddin’s Aim

This story is about a boy called Nasruddin. The theme of the story revolves around the fact that perfection is achieved with continuous practice as well as the concentration of a mind.


Unit 4

Chapter 7: Why?

‘Why’, a poem about a little boy who seems curious wanting to know anything and everything. He is curious about the reason behind the sun’s shining and the blowing of the wind.


Chapter 8: Alice in the Wonderland

‘Alice in Wonderland’ is the story of Alice who goes on various adventures, facing problems in her journey and gradually finding solutions to them.

Unit 5

Chapter 9: Don’t be afraid of the Dark

Ruskin Bond’s poem ‘Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark’ guides the students asking them not to fear the dark. The poem says that the night sky with the stars and the moon shines to provide light to remove our fear and to guide us through the dark.


Chapter 10: Helen Keller

‘Helen Keller’ brings out the real-life story of Helen, a girl from a small town who soon lost her eyesight and hearing ability. The girl was helped by her teacher in seeing and understanding the world in a different manner.


Unit 6

Chapter 11: The Donkey

Margaret S. Russell’s story describes a little girl’s bond of love with her donkey, bringing out her eagerness to feed the donkey in order to keep it happy.


Chapter 12: I Had a Little Pony

The poem is about a young girl and her pony called Dapple Grey. A lady used to treat Dapple Grey cruelly, which made the girl decide to never lend Dapple Grey to anybody.


Chapter 13: The Milkman’s Cow

‘The Milkman’s Cow’ brings out the story of a clever boy who successfully shifted a cow that was standing in the middle of a particular road.


Unit 7

Chapter 14: Hiawatha

The poem by H. W. Longfellow is about the story of Hiawatha, a Red Indian boy who could speak with animals and birds while living with his grandmother, Nokomis, whom he loved a lot.


Chapter 15: The Scholar’s Mother Tongue

The story brings out Birbal’s trick on finding out the mother tongue of a scholar who was multilingual.


Unit 8

Chapter 16: A Watering Rhyme

The poet with this poem lets the students know the perfect time of watering the flowers while suggesting to soak the soil surrounding the flowers for an uninterrupted water supply.

Chapter 17: The Giving Tree

The poem teaches the students about the necessity of planting trees for a balanced environment and a constant supply of oxygen required for the survival of human beings.

Unit 9

Chapter 18: Books

The poem speaks about the different books available in a library, asking the students to read regularly.


Chapter 19: Going to buy a Book

This chapter provides guidance on buying books and motivates them towards acquiring knowledge through reading.


Unit 10

Chapter 20: The Naughty Boy

The story revolves around a boy who ran away from England to Scotland only to discover that everything in Scotland was similar to the things in England.

Chapter 21: Pinocchio

Pinocchio was a puppet made of wood by an old experienced carpenter. Pinocchio’s nose used to grow longer whenever he told lies.

Significance of NCERT Solutions Class 4 English

The students of Class 4 have their English syllabus designed specifically to help them with their language and comprehension skills. The chapters of both prose and poetry are meant to provide information about the English language to the students. They can get a better hold of the language by thoroughly studying the chapters and referring to the English Notes for Class 4th. The professional faculty members of Vedantu have compiled the solutions to guide the students through the chapters and give them more opportunities to practice. These solutions are completely accurate and verified for authenticity. So, students can practice the solutions on their own and improve their answering skills in the best way.

There are a total of 20 chapters in the syllabus of Class 4 English. These chapters contain stories, poems, and other lessons for the children to learn. They can definitely get a better understanding of the chapters once they download the Class 4th English Solutions from Vedantu. Regularly practising these solutions will enable them to immerse in the chapters and learn the lessons easily. All the chapters have a detailed summary of the chapters so that the students can learn about the chapters a bit better. Vedantu experts have created the solutions on the basis of CBSE guidelines. Thus, students can learn a lot about the exam pattern and practice the answering format as well. This will allow the students to score good marks in their English final exams.

Benefits of NCERT Solutions Class 4 English

The benefits of following these NCERT solutions are as follows.

  1. These NCERT Solutions provide systematic guidance to students to cover the entire syllabus.

  2. Class 4th NCERT English Solutions are prepared by the subject-matter experts at Vedantu in accordance with the CBSE guidelines for Class 1 English. Therefore, students will get to know the appropriate answer patterns for the questions.

  3. An in-depth study on the NCERT Class 4 English provides them with a sound understanding of the chapters.

  4. These NCERT Solutions are available in PDF format, and students can download these PDF files for free.

  5. With planned and systematic study materials, students will understand over time how they need to approach writing the answers. Going through the solutions will help them answer the questions in any format and will ultimately help them write their own answers precisely.

  6. None of the answers is out of the syllabus, so students need not worry about learning unnecessary material.

  7. Learning these solutions will also give an overview of what the central theme, summary, plot, and character sketch of the chapters are. These are very important for understanding the chapters.

  8. One of the main benefits of Class 4 NCERT English Book Answers is that students can refer to these solutions and clarify their doubts. NCERT solutions are provided to students who want to excel in their studies. Thus they can easily clear their doubts about a specific chapter with the help of these solutions.

  9. In order to ensure that you are able to prepare for the exams better, make sure to download NCERT solutions for Class 4 English. You can compare the solutions to your own answers and rectify any mistakes that you might be making while answering the questions. Thus, you can figure out a way to answer the most difficult questions in an easy way with these solutions.

  10. Students of Class 4 can complete their English syllabus and save time for revision by practising these solutions. During the exams, they don’t have to go through the entire book to learn the lessons. All the summaries to the chapters have been provided in detail. Thus, students can read the summary of the chapters and gain insights about the stories and poems easily.

Important Questions and Answers from the CBSE Solutions for Class 4 English

Q1: How was the mother tongue of the scholar revealed by Birbal?

Ans: When the scholar was in his room, Birbal quietly entered and whispered and ticked in the scholar’s ear, making him shout in his mother language. This is how Birbal discovered the mother tongue of the scholar who was multilingual.

Q2. Why was Pinocchio a special puppet?

Ans: Pinocchio was a special puppet because he could speak, and whenever he told lies, his nose grew a little longer.

Q3. What does the Earth do when the day is over?

Ans: The Earth takes a rest when the day is over.

Q4. How did Alice reach Wonderland?

Ans: Alice saw a strange rabbit with pink eyes and a blue coat. She followed him, jumped into a deep rabbit hole after the rabbit, and landed in a beautiful place; the wonderland.

Q5. What was the most important thing that Helen finally understood?

Ans: Helen finally understood that words were the most important thing in the world and that the words could tell her everything that she wanted to know.

NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English by Vedantu has a number of questions like these- all answered for you in a simple way. You will not only enjoy learning them but will also be able to reproduce them in your own words in the exam.

Downloading Vedantu’s solutions makes learning an easy process. The long answers, point-wise solutions, and simple language make it a student’s favourite when it comes to supplementary reading material. With the competition being so stiff, students need precise and effective study resources for learning. Vedantu’s solutions for the 4th standard English guide makes learning simple and fun. It helps students utilize their time in a smart and efficient way. So, don’t wait for long! Download the solutions and begin studying right away! 

Download important questions and revision notes from the Vedantu website or mobile app for free. You can also download the Class 4 NCERT English Textbook in PDF format on Vedantu. Happy learning!

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Download NCERT Class 4 English Solutions for Proper Exam Preparation

Students should opt for NCERT Solutions for Class 4 English PDF Download if they want to improve their English language and grammar skills. Also, these solutions provide detailed information about the chapters. Hence, students can refer to the solutions and learn how to answer questions from the chapter easily. There is a Chapter Wise List of NCERT Solutions Class 4 English. Students can download the solutions to specific chapters from that list. Download these helpful study resources and get to learning right now.

FAQs on CBSE Class 4 English NCERT Solutions 2022-23

1. Is it Necessary to Study all the Chapters from the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English?

All the chapters have equal weightage. Easy guidance can be availed of by following the English NCERT Class 4 Solutions on Vedantu.

2. Are all the Exercises Covered in the PDF Files of the Class 4 NCERT English Solutions?

Yes, all the textbook exercises of Marigold Class 4 are solved in the CBSE Class 4 English Solutions.

3. How many chapters are there in the 'Marigold' textbook for CBSE Class 4 English?

There are nine chapters in total in the ‘Marigold’ textbook for CBSE Class 4 English. All the nine chapters are fully explained in a simple way in the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English on Vedantu. You can also find full solutions to all the exercises and even extra questions of importance in this NCERT Solutions PDF. Download and practice NCERT Solutions Class 4 English today to score well in your exams. 

4. Where can you find solutions for Class 4?

NCERT Solutions Class 4 English PDF on Vedantu is a handbook for NCERT Class 4 English textbook ‘Marigold’. The NCERT Solutions Class 4 English PDF has all the chapters that have been fully explained comprehensively. You can find all the answers to the exercises in this Solutions PDF for class 4 English. Likewise, there is an NCERT Solutions PDF available for all other subjects in Class 4. Practising these solutions will give a holistic understanding of all the chapters.  

5. Who is already awake according to Chapter 1 English of Class 4?

In Chapter 1 of ‘Marigold’ Textbook, “Wake Up”, the poet is asking the child to wake as the sun is already up. The cows, the horses, the sheep, the tiny chicken, and the ducks are all awake making “cheep cheep” noises. For more such solutions, download the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English PDF available on Vedantu. You can get access to all chapter explanations and full solutions to all exercises at free of cost.

6. Can you brief the poem Class 4 English Chapter 2 poem “Noses”?

In the poem “Noses”, the poet is talking about the importance of the part nose. The poet finds it funny how the nose looks like a handle with two holes but again, it is also important as it helps in breathing. The poet likes her nose as she loves how it grows between the hair and the chin. For more solutions, download the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English.

7. How many chapters are there in NCERT Solutions Class 4 English?

Chapters solved in the NCERT Solutions Class 4 English available on Vedantu are - Neha’s Alarm Clock, Little Fir Tree, Nasruddin Aim, Alice in Wonderland, Hellen Keller, The Milkman’s Cow, The Scholar’s Mother Tongue, The Giving Tree, Going To Buy A Book, and Pinocchio. You can get complete NCERT Solutions Class 4 English on Vedantu. The Solutions PDF comes with detailed explanations and fully solved exercise questions. You can also download these PDFs from the Vedantu app at free of cost.