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NCERT Books for Class 7 PDF

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 7 NCERT Books PDF Download

Almost every school following the CBSE curriculum across India recommends NCERT books. The topic is written in a simple language which is easy to understand. In the NCERT books for Class 7 PDF, the topics are covered comprehensively. All the Chapters are covered from the base; this approach helps the students to grasp the subject effectively.

The practice questions given at the end of every Chapter in the NCERT textbook Class 7 PDF also helps students to evaluate themselves. These questions give them a clear idea of their syllabus and NCERT Book Solutions for Class 7 provides an insight into the subject. The students can download NCERT textbook Class 7 PDF online and start exploring the benefits which these books have to offer.

There is no denying the fact that NCERT books are the ultimate way to score the best marks in most Examinations that students of Class 7 will come across. They can be considered as the Holy Bible for the students of Class 12 since they are filled with brilliant knowledge and have great quality questions. Many students have the habit of reading on the go or just having PDFs of their NCERT books with them at all times. This is a great practice as they can read them whenever they wish to and understand and revise their important concepts. We plan on delivering this to all of our students. We want them to have this brilliant resource of NCERT PDF books for free so that no matter wherever they are, their preparation and knowledge do not hinder.

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NCERT Books for Class 7 PDF - Free Download Online

NCERT Textbook Class 7

NCERT textbook Class 7 PDF covers every topic from basics.  The students should access the NCERT books PDF as this helps them to explore the subject in detail. NCERT books for Class 7 PDF and the solutions available together help in the learning process of the students.

As mentioned above, NCERT textbooks have the most accurate questions and the most accurate content when it comes to many Class 7 Examinations including the final school-level Exams. We highly recommend the students to be very thorough with their NCERT syllabus to make sure that they are always a step ahead and prepare brilliantly for any Exam that they come across throughout the academic year of Class 7.

NCERT books for Class 7 PDF makes it easier for students to study the materials free of cost. Let’s take a quick look at what comprises the Class 7 syllabus.


Visualising Solid Shapes NCERT Class 7 Maths Book PDF

Most of the time, students fear Maths due to its difficulty. They fail to grasp the basics of each topic. Also, students may find it challenging to solve the sums.

NCERT Class 7 Maths book solutions PDF makes this subject student-friendly; for this, they have included easy solutions to help the students increase their accuracy and speed. All the topics are covered comprehensively. 

Students must get into the habit of solving each and every question from their NCERT textbook to get a great idea of the concept. The problems from NCERT are of a brilliant level and are to be solved with a lot of patience. With continuous practice right from the start of the term, students can easily score the best marks possible in a subject like Mathematics.

The Contents of Class 7th Maths Book PDF Include the Following

  1. Integers

  2. Fractions and Decimals

  3. Data Handling

  4. Simple Equations

  5. Lines and Angles

  6. Triangles and its Properties

  7. Congruence of Triangles

  8. Comparing Quantities

  9. Rational Numbers

  10. Practical Geometry

  11. Perimeter and Area

  12. Algebraic Expressions

  13. Exponents and Powers


NCERT 7th Class Science Book PDF

Science can be an interesting subject when students are allowed to explore. NCERT Science book Class 7 PDF allows the students to browse through and find out the topic that interests them the most. Most of the Chapters included in the NCERT Science book PDF are essential for developing a fundamental concept on the subject.

The Science book PDF has topics derived from three different branches, namely Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Important topics like Nutrition, Reproduction and Respiration, Light, Electric Current, Acid, Bases and Salt, Physical and Chemical changes are explained in a way which is easy to understand.  The NCERT solution for Science is also helpful for students. This book helps to bring clarity to the topics included in the syllabus.

Make sure to take notes throughout every single Chapter so that you do not miss out on any part of the Chapter. Every single line must be summed up in your Classroom notes so that you get a brief review of the Chapter in your NCERT textbook in your revision schedule. Therefore, we recommend students to be very good readers when it comes to Class 7 Science.


Class 7 NCERT Book for English  PDF

English  is an essential subject in the CBSE curriculum. The English  book is made in a way to adhere to the Examination pattern of the board. Class 7th English  book NCERT teaches the subject from the basics. There are two books in English  for Class 7:

  • Honeycomb

  • An Alien Hand Supplementary Reader

The stories included NCERT English  book Class 7, are selected in a way so that the students get to learn moral values from it. The guide to this book contains the explanation of these Chapters in a systematic way. The guide book is helpful for the students to understand the meaning of these Chapters and solve the questions effectively.

A great tool that can easily make students better in their ways to communicate and get better at everyday grammatical skills. They can also be more fluent with the important words that they listen to in their everyday language. Honeycomb is a brilliant resource to master the language and we highly recommend regular usage and review of the textbook.


Class 7 Hindi Book PDF

NCERT Hindi book Class 7 PDF includes three books:

  • Vasant Class 7

  • Durva

  • Mahabharat

All three books are important as they help students develop their perspective regarding the subject. The exercises are designed in a way so that the students are also able to improve their grammar.

Vasant and Durva both are storybooks. Both cover stories from renowned writers. It is well suited for the students of Class 7. The book is an excellent way to introduce young readers to the Indian epic, The Mahabharata. The guide is also available to help the students in their reading.

By studying Mahabharat, students can get a glimpse of one of the most amazing epics ever written to this date. We want students to easily score the best in this by going through the material carefully and reading it in smaller portions throughout the year. Hindi is a very fun subject and part of the reason why this is possible is because of beautiful books like these. 

Class 7 Social Studies Book PDF

Social study, as a subject, includes multiple branches within it. They are

  • Political Science

  • History

  • Environment

The sections dealing with Social and Political Science gives a comprehensive overview of the system of governance present in our country. It also lets the students understand the society in which they are living.

NCERT social Science book Class 7 PDF contains Chapters from history. The section is termed ‘Our Past’. Chapters like Delhi Sultan, The Mughal Empire gives the basic concept to the students regarding our past.

Our Environment deals with topics like vegetation, air and water. These Chapters help the students understand the features of the environment in which they are living.

Social Science is one of the most detailed subjects in Class 7. We highly recommend that students keep a habit of taking notes to make sure that they are not losing any marks at any moment of the Examination. We suggest that students make the most out of the NCERT textbooks and score the most and also understand the subject well.


Why are NCERT Books Important?

Every CBSE board school recommends NCERT books. Besides, NCERT books are preferred by the students also. The students can access the PDF easily and find the solutions also. There are multiple reasons for it.

  • Teaches the Basic Concepts Comprehensively 

NCERT books follow the CBSE syllabus rigidly. While dealing with the topics, it explains the topics from the basics. It gives a detailed explanation of every topic so that the students do not face any difficulty while studying it. NCERT books for Class 7 ensure that the basic concepts of the students are clear before they go on to a higher grade.

  • Simple Language

The language used in NCERT books is straightforward. All the topics are explained comprehensively in an easy way; besides, several topics are explained using a graphical representation. This practice helps in bringing clarity regarding a particular topic. NCERT books for Class 7 PDF are appropriate for the students of Class 7. The book uses language that can be easily understood by the students of that age group.

  • Ideal for Various Examinations

These books are specially designed to help the students score well in the Exams. All the topics are distinguished from the Examination point of view. Books like NCERT social Science book Class 7 PDF and Class 7th Maths book PDF are important as they helps to form the base of the student.

  • Qualitative Practice Questions

The practice questions given at the end of each Chapter are helpful for the students. The students can solve these questions to understand whether they have understood the topics well. The students can also use the solution books for NCERT books for Class 7 to understand the topics better.

NCERT books are the best when learning is concerned because these books help the students to explore the subject. The main aim is interest development in the matter. While doing so, these books ensure that the students score well also.

Keep these books handy throughout the year of Class 7 and we guarantee that you will get the most amazing marks. They are the only way out for you to excel in every Examination that you will face in Class 7 and that is why we want you to make the most out of this opportunity.

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FAQs on NCERT Books for Class 7 PDF

1. Why are NCERT Solutions Essential?

NCERT solutions are important for scoring well in the Examinations. The textbooks deal with all the topics of the syllabus comprehensively. However, to understand each topic, in-depth NCERT solutions are essential. The NCERT solutions book helps to develop an overall perception of students regarding the topics. You can easily download a PDF of the text and study whenever you want. Like it has been mentioned time and time again here that NCERT books are to be considered as the Holy Bible for students of Class 7, we really want students to make them their first priority.

2. Which Books Should we Refer for Class 7 Social Studies?

NCERT books are the best as far as Social Studies of Class 7. Not only are they accurate but also super easy to understand. We recommend them being the only resource that the students pay the most attention to when it comes to preparing for their Class 7 Examinations. These books are very essential for the upcoming test and we highly suggest them. The Chapters are according to CBSE syllabus. All the sections are systematically presented and the topics are interlinked with each other. All the topics are equally important, and there are no unnecessary materials provided.

3. What Topics is There in Class 7 Science?

Before starting, you should go through the syllabus thoroughly. All the Chapters are equally important from the Examination. Chapters like Light, Electricity, Reproduction, Respiration and Physical and Chemical Changes are essential to forming the base of the subject. Studying these Chapters is important as the concepts are relevant for higher Classes also. The best reason that these Chapters can be studied from NCERT is because they are highly essential in your upcoming Classes too. NCERT books form a very strong base for knowledge in these topics and that is why they’re a great way to understand them.

4. Which Materials Should be Followed for Class 7 Social Studies?

Hindi grammar has a combination of interesting yet essential topics that need practice and patience to master. We suggest that students make the most out of the NCERT textbook when it comes to preparing for this subject too. Consistency is the key that needs to be kept in mind when it comes to attempting the Hindi Examination in the best way. We cannot stress more on the importance of NCERT textbooks. The free resource from Vedantu can be used to make sure that students are preparing in the best way possible for their Exams. 

5. Is solving the NCERT textbook enough for Class 7 Mathematics Examinations?

The answer to this question is yes. Surprising, right? The simple truth is that Maths can be mastered if you get into the habit of solving questions daily from the NCERT textbook. The problems in the book are very good and are not super easy. They can form a good base for your knowledge and can also guarantee you 100% marks in your next Examination.