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Sample Papers for JEE Main 2023


Download Sample Paper for JEE Main 2023 - Free PDF

JEE Main sample papers are a great source of study materials for the students who are appearing for India's most challenging and top engineering entrance exam. JEE Advanced 2023 is the next level for the students who clear the first round of the exams, which is JEE Main. This entrance exam is basically a computer-based exam with multiple-choice types of questions. JEE Main 2023 session 1 will be conducted on January 24, 25, 27, 28, 29, 30, and 31 and Session 2 on April 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12, 2023. As the exam date is around the corner, students need to prepare for it effectively. The best way to improve is by solving the sample questions. 

With the help of these sample question papers, candidates can gain a better understanding of the concepts and also different concepts which are covered under the JEE Main syllabus. The syllabus for JEE Main is almost similar to JEE advanced. Previously, IIT Roorkee was the authority board for conducting the JEE Main till 2019, and the conducting body of the exam usually releases the JEE Main sample papers PDF on their official website. These tests could be easily accessed and with these tests, students can get familiar with the layout as well as the format of the exam. 

JEE Main questions from sample papers and the mock tests for JEE Main will notably enable the candidates to learn the pattern of questions and gain the required accuracy to perform well and clear the exam in the first attempt. 

These papers will be available for download in the form of PDF only. These papers will boost the exam preparation of the candidates. They can practice for the national-level engineering entrance examination by using the JEE Main sample paper. Students who get qualified for JEE Advanced entrance exam will get a chance to get admission into 23 IITs, and those who qualify for the JEE Main will have an opportunity to get into one of the NITs.

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Things to Know about the JEE Main 2023

The following table displays the important facts about the JEE Main 2023.




Undergraduate (UG) Exam

Mode of Examination

Paper-1: Computer-based test


  • Mathematics and Aptitude - computer-based test

  • Planning section (B.Plan) - computer-based test

  • Drawing test (B.Arch) - pen-and-paper based exam

Mode of Application


Conducting Body

National Testing Agency (NTA)

Level of Exam

National Level

Examination Name

Joint Entrance Examination Main (JEE Main)

Official Website and

Purpose of Examination

Admission into NITs, IIITs, and CFTIs, and a qualifying test for JEE Advanced 2023

Number of Sessions

JEE Main Sample Pattern 2023

The Total marks


Medium of the examination

English or Hindi

Number of Papers

The exam will have two compulsory papers- Paper 1 and Paper 2

Total exam duration

3 hours - for each paper 

Paper sections

Both the papers will have 3 sections-

  • Physics

  • Mathematics 

  • Chemistry

Latest Updates on the JEE Advanced Examination

  • This year, NTA has decided to have negative marking for Section B as well. Previously, there used to be no negative marking for numerical type questions.

  • NTA has increased the number of JEE Main 2023 exam centres to a whopping 501 cities in India and 13 centres abroad. Applicants shall be able to choose 4 exam centres when filling out the application form for JEE Main 2023.

JEE Main 2023 Exam Pattern



Paper 1

Paper 2

Mode of exam

Computer-based test

  • The Mathematics and Aptitude test will be computer-based

  • The Drawing test will be held in the pen-and-paper based mode. Planning section for B.Plan will be computer-based


3 hours

Total number of questions

90 (need to answer 75 questions) (Each subject will have 20 MCQs and 10 numerical ques out of which 5 is a must)

  • B.Arch: 82 Questions

  • B.Plan: 100 Questions


Physics, Mathematics & Chemistry

  • B.Arch - Maths, General Aptitude and Drawing skills

  • B.Plan - Maths, General Aptitude and Planning section

Type of Questions

20 Objective questions having 4 options each with only 1 correct option

10 Numerical questions out of which 5 needs to be answered


  • Mathematics- Multiple-choice questions and questions with numerical value as answers

  • Aptitude- Multiple-choice questions

  • Drawing- Drawing aptitude


  • Type of questions for each section of B.Planning-

  • Mathematics- Multiple-choice questions and questions with numerical value as answers

  • Aptitude- Multiple- choice questions

  • Planning- Multiple-choice questions

Maximum Marks

300 Marks

Total of 400 Marks (Drawing section - 70 marks)

Marking Scheme

  • For MCQs - 4 Marks will be awarded for every correct answer and 1 Mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer

  • For answer with a numeric value - 4 Marks will be awarded for every correct answer and 1 Mark will be deducted for every incorrect answer

MCQs- Candidates will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer and there will be a negative marking of 1 mark on each incorrect answer.

Questions with numerical value answers - Candidates will be awarded 4 marks for each correct answer and there will be no negative marking.

Marking Scheme for Drawing Test - Two questions are evaluated out of 100 marks

Medium of paper

English, Hindi, Assamese, Bengali, Gujarati, Kannada, Marathi, Malayalam, Odia, Punjabi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Major Benefits of Solving Sample Papers for JEE Main Examination 2023

Solving sample papers can be a great way to increase confidence and reduce unnecessary stress before the JEE Main exam. The following are some ways in which you can benefit greatly from solving sample papers for JEE Main.

  • Aspirants get a strong grip on the subject and understand their weak areas. 

  • Candidates get confident after solving each paper that is necessary to get rid of exam anxiousness.

  • Also, students can use paper solving as a self-assessment tool and improve their performance.

  • The JEE Main aspirants better their time management skills. 

  • We provide sample past papers with the solutions for candidates to check their answers and make corrections. 

Overall, there are multiple benefits of solving sample past papers for JEE Advanced exams. Practising the previous year’s papers can also give candidates an idea of the exam pattern as well.

Subject-wise Tips to Clear JEE Main 2023

1. Tips to Clear JEE Main Maths: 

  • Be thorough with the formulas and then start focusing on the concepts of all the chapters. You will have to practice them and understand the concept so that you can remember it for a longer time. 

  • Make a point to practice different levels of questions with various formulas regularly. 

  • Taking tests after each and every concept will help you know where you are standing in that particular chapter. This will also help you in improving your weaker areas. 

  • Keep taking tests regularly to improve your speed and accuracy. This will directly build up your stamina in the exams. JEE Advanced maths paper consumes more time when compared to the other two papers. 

  • Practising JEE Main previous year’s question paper and sample papers will help you know the paper pattern and will give you a clear picture of how the main exam paper is going to be.

2. Tips to Clear JEE Main Physics:

Firstly, note down all the formulas and practise them frequently to remember them by heart. 

Derivations play a major role in Physics. Learning the derivations of the Formulas will help you solve JEE Advanced physics questions with ease.

  • Questions will basically be asked in a twisted way. To understand them you need to be very much perfect at the derivations of the formulas. 

  • Your main focus should be on the topics with high marks weightage. You will have to concentrate on topics like Wave Optics, Sound waves, Modern Physics, and Alternating current. 

  • Thermodynamics is a subject that is common in both Physics and Chemistry. This is also one of the most important topics in Physics. 

  • Thorough practice with all the concepts is a must.

3. Tips to Clear JEE Main Chemistry:

Preparing in a step-by-step and structured manner will help in solving the JEE Advanced questions in Chemistry much easier. Your foundational concepts like Physical chemistry should be really perfect. 

  • The most scoring and difficult concepts in this subject are organic and Inorganic chemistry. The weightage for these two topics is also high. You must give a separate schedule to practice this particular concept. 

  • You may think of Qualitatives analysis towards the end, as it needs very less time. 

  • You need a lot of patience with Organic Chemistry. You will have to play a smart game here. Preparing self-notes will make your work much easier. Do not get into a deep understanding of the concept. Brief yourself to make it clear. 

  • Reactions, equations, problems, and mechanisms are to be practised frequently. This will help you in answering the questions quickly. 

  • Chemistry is a subject that needs more dedication, concentration, and regular revision. This shall clear all your confusion. 

We provide solutions to JEE Main Paper 1 and Paper 2. These solutions are available in PDF format with the free download option. These can also be availed online at our learning portal. Both the question papers and sample question papers for JEE Main 2023 are compulsory for the students who clear the exam. These solved Paper 1 and Paper 2 have solutions for all three sections, which are Mathematics, Physics, and Chemistry.

Some Questions from the JEE Main 2023 Sample Papers

1. Which process of metal purification is also associated with the distillation of metal?

(A) Parke's process 

(B) Amalgamation 

(C) Polling 

(D) Puddling process

2. Which molecule is non-planar as well as polar?

(A) IF 

(B) IF3

(C) IF5

(D) IF7

3. If the quadratic equation x + 2ax + b(a – 1) = 0 has real roots for all real values of a and b, then which of the following is/are correct?

(A) The greatest value of b is 4 

(B) No such value of b is possible

(C) Least value of b is 0 

(D) b can be any integer

Steps to Download JEE Main Sample Papers 2023

Students can use the steps below to access JEE Main 2023 sample papers, which will be available only in the PDF format. 

  • Students must click on the links that are provided in the above section to download and access the sample paper.

  • The candidates must choose the paper they want to download. 

  • The sample paper for JEE Main 2023 will be shown on the screen.

  • Download JEE Main sample papers by clicking on the Download PDF in that respective sample paper link.

JEE Main sample papers 2023 are an effective way to acquaint oneself with the types of questions that will be asked in the JEE Main exam. Studying with these sample papers will help you improve your problem-solving and time management skills.

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FAQs on Sample Papers for JEE Main 2023

1. Why should I solve JEE Main sample papers for 2023?

JEE Main is an important exam to crack before getting admission to the NITs and to qualify for appearing in the JEE Advanced examination. Therefore, it is highly advisable to be prepared for the different kinds of questions that can be thrown during the test. Solving sample papers will help in reducing the element of surprise and increasing confidence. The sample papers on Vedantu’s website will aid in getting you prepared for the test and grooming you in the best possible way.

2. Where can I find JEE Main sample papers for the year 2023?

Vedantu provides meticulously curated sample questions for JEE Main aspirants, and the questions are prepared by our expert teachers keeping the students’ best interests in mind. We recommend that you go through these sample papers to get accustomed to the question trends for the JEE Main 2023 exam and be confident that you will be able to clear the test easily!

3. When will the JEE Main exams be conducted this year?

JEE Main is conducted in two sessions. This exam was scheduled to start from 16th April. But, the National Testing Agency (NTA) has revised the dates of the exams. The first session of JEE Main conduct in the month of January and the second session II will be conduct in April month