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ISC Class 12 All Subjects Semester-wise Syllabus 2022-23


Important ISC Class 12 All Subjects Syllabus for Semester 1 and 2: Free PDF Download

You can download the free ISC Class 12 Syllabus for all subjects from the website of Vedantu. You can also register at Vedantu for online ISC tuitions, to clear your doubts and further, download the complete syllabus for Class 12 of  all the subjects to prepare for the board examinations.

On the website of Vedantu, students can find all the information related to all the Class 12 subjects and get a semester wise syllabus for each subject. Class 12th is a very important year as it lays the foundation for the career ahead. In every subject, you must be at least thorough with the concepts to score decent marks in the final examination. Students who want to know the detailed syllabus of all the subjects of Class 12 can visit the website of Vedantu. The syllabus will guide the students on how to start preparation and how they should proceed further so that they can maintain a good rank in their board exams. So students must know all these details about the Class 12th subject wise syllabus so that they can prepare for the exam as per its requirements.

Last updated date: 11th May 2023
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ISC Class 12 Semester Wise Syllabus

The CISCE board has issued the new syllabus for the Class 12 board exams. The main objective behind changing the syllabus is that they want to cover all the topics in each subject so that students can get a proper understanding of the subjects. So, Vedantu has provided ISC 12th semester-wise syllabus as per the latest guidelines from the CISCE board. 

In this syllabus, you will find the complete details about all the subjects of the ISC board examinations. For the convenience of students, we have provided the semester-wise syllabus in PDF format. By downloading and referring to the syllabus, you can easily gain a comprehensive knowledge of all the topics covered in the syllabus and prepare for your exams efficiently.


Students who want to download the syllabus of Class 12th from the ISC board can download it from Vedantu. It will help them a lot in their preparation for Class 12 board exams as the syllabus is prepared, keeping in mind the guidelines provided by the CISCE board. It is to be noted that all information mentioned in the syllabus provided on Vedantu is authentic and reliable. We have mentioned the complete changes in the syllabus at the beginning of each subject. So students, don’t forget to read all about these changes before preparing for the exam. The details given below are valid for ISC board exams. Follow it cautiously and you will be able to prepare well for your exams.

FAQs on ISC Class 12 All Subjects Semester-wise Syllabus 2022-23

1. Are there any changes in the ISC Class 12 all the subjects semester wise syllabus for the academic year 2022-23?

All the latest changes in the ISC Class 12 semester wise syllabus 2022-23 for all the subjects are mentioned in the updated syllabus provided by Vedantu. Students can download the complete details about the Class 12th syllabus by clicking on the link which is provided on the website of Vedantu. Students can download it and prepare according to it. Vedantu regularly updates all the information in its study material based on the latest update from the ISC Board. Our provided PDF is updated according to the latest guidelines.

2. How to prepare for Class 12th board exams?

To get good marks in ISC Class 12 board exams, students must follow the syllabus and start their preparation accordingly. They must make a study plan based on the syllabus and stick to it. The preparation for the Class 12 Board exam should be done cautiously and consistently from the beginning. Stay vigilant in class and finish all the lessons and assignments on time. This will allow you to get time for practising from sample papers and previous years’ question papers. Your studies must be planned in such a way that you get ample time for revision as well. Revision is key to scoring well in the exam.

3. How can one download ISC Class 12 syllabus for all the subjects semester wise?

Students who want to know about the detailed syllabus of Class 12 all subjects can visit the website of Vedantu. They can find the link to download the syllabus on the website towards the beginning. The syllabus will guide the students about how to start preparation and what they should do from the beginning to maintain a good rank. So by following the ISC Class 12 semester wise syllabus for all the subjects, students will get all the information regarding each subject and can prepare according to it. The Class 12th board syllabus is issued by ISC board itself, so it’s reliable information for the students who are preparing for their board exams.

You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus on various topics from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store. 

4. How is the Class 12th semester wise syllabus for all the subjects important in the preparation of the exams?

Students who want to score good marks in board exams must follow the syllabus and prepare for their subjects as per it. It is very necessary because many students do not follow the syllabus and may neglect the important chapters unknowingly. This might  result in overlooking the important guidelines that will help them to prepare efficiently. Studying based on complete knowledge of the syllabus ensures that no time is wasted on unnecessary topics and students can focus more on the important concepts that will be asked in the exam.

5. What are the key features of the ISC Class 12th semester wise syllabus?

The complete details about the Class 12th board syllabus are provided in the syllabus by the ISC. It contains all the subjects which are taught to students up till Class 12th. All updates are given at the beginning of each subject so students can be fully aware of the syllabus right from the start. Other important details mentioned in the syllabus are as follows:

  • Exam pattern information

  • Internal assessment details

  • Evaluation scheme

  • List of suggested assignments

  • List of practical work

  • Guidelines for marking the internal assessment.