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ICSE Sample Question Papers for Class 10 - All Subjects (2022-2022)

VSAT 2023

ICSE Class 10 Sample Papers All Subjects

ICSE is one of the toughest boards to crack. ICSE Class X has more than 15 subjects and it enables students to develop aptitude. 

Sample papers help to have a good insight on the final exam, as they act as a practice session. For scoring high marks, practising sample papers is much recommended. Here, at Vedantu, we provide students with up to date questions, which are made by subject experts. Knowing the student’s requirements, following the previous papers, and expecting the questions from the final exams, experts prepare these papers with utmost vision.

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Competitive Exams after 12th Science

ICSE Class X Syllabus

There are more than fifteen subjects for ICSE Class X, which has languages, Science, Mathematics, Accounts, Business, Social science, and Arts. ICSE is considered to be one of the toughest boards with a lot of subjects, but it is not impossible to crack them. The subjects like Science, Maths and Social science are some of the important subjects which help building a foundation for future education.

1. Science:

The Science stream is divided into 5 subjects and each of their syllabi is given below:




Periodic properties and variations,

Chemical Bonding,

Study of Acids, Bases and Salts,

Analytical Chemistry,

Mole Concept and Stoichiometry,



Study of Compounds,

Organic Chemistry,


Force, Work, Energy and Power,



Electricity and Magnetism,


Modern Physics,


Basic Biology,

Plant Physiology,

Human Anatomy and Physiology,

2. English Literature:



English Literature




Internal Assessment


Letter writing



3. Mathematics:




Commercial Mathematics

Compound Interest,

VTA and Sales Tax,


Share and dividends,


Linear Inequations,

Quadratic Equations,


Ratio and Proportion,



Coordinate Geometry,


Properties, Constructions,


3D solids,



Heights and distances,

Angles of elevation,


Basic Concepts,


Random events,

ICSE Class X Sample Papers

Sample Papers of Class X are given below

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Physics

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Chemistry

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Mathematics

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 Biology

ICSE Sample Papers for Class 10 English

Teachers of Vedantu have studied the previous papers and with thorough knowledge of the Subjects, have framed the questions for both Semesters 1 and 2. Semester 1 has some objective type questions in which students need more in-depth knowledge as sometimes in the final exams they may ask multiple-choice questions. Here at Vedantu, we make sure the topics that are covered give importance to the required topics. Students can ace the exam if they understand the pattern of the exam by analysing and solving the papers. From previous papers, one can identify the pattern and the topics and solve them to form a better understanding. 

Advantages of solving Sample Papers

  1. Without much knowledge of how the pattern will be or how the questions will be framed, it can be stressful for students. By practising sample papers, students get an idea of how the questions are framed in the subjects and which topics are more relevant. It will be a relief for students to know these things before exams. Students should practice the sample papers and cross-check their solutions with notes, analyse their capabilities. 

By solving the sample papers, students can increase their speed and accuracy. After a long gap of pandemic students might have lost the writing in a given time constraint. So, solving sample papers can get them back to constant writing and practice.

  1. It also increases confidence in students that they can ace the exam without any fear. With time it leads to increase in revision, since the whole syllabus gets revised while solving the sample papers.

  2. For Maths, solving more sample papers will help students to score well in the exams, since Maths as a subject is  practical rather than theoretical.

  3. For Science, students can answer objective type questions and also improvise descriptive type answers with thorough practice.

  4. For English, letter writing, grammar and vocabulary can be improved by solving multiple sample papers as students can identify the mistakes and correct them.

  5. It is an easy way to check, verify and rectify the mistakes with sample papers before  the final exams. 

Here, at Vedantu, students will build confidence and enhance their skills with practice and suggestions from experts.

FAQs on ICSE Sample Question Papers for Class 10 - All Subjects (2022-2022)

1. What are sample question papers for ICSE Class 10?

A Class 10 ICSE sample paper 2020 is a mock question paper set by the experts of Vedantu for the students. They can solve this question paper to test their skills and knowledge.

2. How can you practice before appearing in ICSE board exams?

After completing the syllabus of a subject, proceed to solve a sample paper Class 10 ICSE one after the other to practice before appearing in the final exam. In this way, you can increase your efficiency.

3. Why should you prefer downloading a sample paper of Class 10 ICSE from Vedantu?

Vedantu, the leading online education portal, prepares ICSE-oriented sample papers for all subjects to practice and make final preparation of the exam.

4. Are sample papers enough for Board exams?

Sample papers help students to understand the difficulty level of the exams, the pattern and how the syllabus is covered in the exams. Sample papers, past question papers will give the students extra revision content and practice. But sample papers aren’t just enough for board exams, students should have good knowledge of the subject. Students can find course books, solutions, previous year question papers with solutions as well as sample papers in the Vedantu website or app, which will aid in an all-around preparation for the Board exams.

5. How many sample papers are required to be solved for a subject?

It depends on the level of knowledge you have on the subject. If a student lacks in Maths, then they should attempt more papers in order to revise more on the topics. But in general, 7 to 10 sample papers is recommended.  It is important to solve at least one paper a day after completing the syllabus. Maintain a stipulated time schedule and finish the papers in a given time. It is better to solve on a daily basis than all at a time.

6. Are sample papers tougher than Board papers?

Yes and they are only tough to prepare students for the board exams. ICSE has a detailed syllabus, so students need to have good revision and practice before attempting the board exams. You might commit mistakes during your first attempt but do not get discouraged, you can improve with practice. Some papers might be moderate but if you attempt the difficult papers, it will be easy to crack the board exam papers and score good marks.

7. Why is ICSE considered to be so difficult?

ICSE is considered one of the toughest boards because of its lengthy and detailed syllabus. A higher-level language of English is used in the ICSE syllabus, as it is of the International level and for those who prepare for TOEFL or such exams, it is beneficial for them.

8. How to download the sample papers?

Sample papers for ICSE board class X are available on the official website of the ICSE board as specimen papers. You can download them. For more clarification and more sample papers, you can visit the Vedantu website ICSE section and check the sample papers there. Once you click on it, it will show class wise and subject wise papers, from which you can select class X sample papers and start preparation to ace good marks.