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CBSE Sample Papers for Class 8 with Solution 2022-23

VSAT 2023

CBSE Class 8 Sample Question Paper with Solutions - Free PDF Download

Class 8 is the final step before the students enter secondary-level education at school. This class is very important for the development of an academic foundation among the students. This is why covering the entire syllabus of Class 8 matters a lot. To check the preparation level, download and solve the sample question papers set by the subject experts of Vedantu. Check the solutions provided to understand how these questions have been answered to increase your knowledge and preparation level.

The sample question papers for Class 8 cover the main five subjects which include English, Hindi, Maths, Science and Social Science, respectively. The syllabus of these subjects is decided as per the NCERT curriculum even though the final exams are conducted by the schools themselves. The syllabi of these subjects focus on building the foundation of the students and prepare them for the upcoming board examinations. The 8th CBSE sample question papers of every subject are set by expert teachers and tutors to ensure your preparation is at its very best. It is perfectly tuned as per the pattern of CBSE so that students can get a proper understanding. Vedantu also provides free NCERT Solution and other study materials to all students. You can also download NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths and NCERT Solution for Class 8 Science to help you to revise the complete syllabus and score more marks in your examinations.

Importance of CBSE Class 8 All Subjects Sample Question Papers and Solutions

The Class 8 syllabus is a vast one comprising important subjects that need the same attention from the students. Hence, students need the guidance and support of complete study material for all the subjects. This is where the sample question papers can be used as the perfect tool for preparation.

Once the entire syllabus of a subject is done, a student can proceed to solve a sample paper set by the subject experts. By solving this paper, he will become aware of the possible questions asked in the final exam. He will also find out the accurate answers to all the questions included in that sample paper to practise.

These sample papers have been set with the prime motive of delivering sets of suggested questions and their solutions. Students will be able to practise these questions to broaden their preparation level and score more in the exams. By following the solutions, they will also imbibe the methods of using the concepts and contexts of chapters to score well in the exams.

Advantages of CBSE Class 8 All Subjects Sample Question Papers

  • These sample papers have been aggregated subject-wise to form specific lists of files. You can access and download them easily from this page.

  • Once downloaded, you can prepare your syllabus and get ready for a mock test at home. In this way, you will get accustomed to the CBSE question patterns and exam format to avoid surprises and to develop a strategy for scoring more in the exams.

  • Resolve doubts related to the questions added to these papers by using the precise solutions framed by the experts. Follow how the questions have been answered so that you can practise and develop the ideal strategy to score more in the exams.

  • Learn how to use the concepts taught in the chapters and mould them to form answers. Increase your confidence level by practising answering these papers.

You can download CBSE Sample Question Papers for Class 8 from the website of Vedantu to help you prepare for your examination. 

CBSE Class 8 Sample Papers with Solutions (2022-23) 

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Download CBSE Sample Questions Paper with Solutions for Class 8

Class 8 Sample Paper Free PDF Download

On Vedantu, sample question papers for Class 8 are available for all the five subjects namely Maths, English, Hindi, Social Science and Science. All of these are drafted by experienced tutors in PDF format, which can be downloaded easily from Vedantu’s website. In fact, you can access these PDFs without paying a single penny.

Sample Paper Class 8 Overview

As mentioned earlier, you will find sample papers of five different subjects which are: English, Maths, Hindi, Science and Social Science. You can take a glimpse of the same in the following section.

NCERT Sample Papers for Class 8 English

CBSE Class 8 sample paper for English contains three sections: Reading, Writing and Grammar and Literature each carrying 20, 30 and 30 marks, respectively. In the first section, you are supposed to study the comprehension and write answers accordingly. The second part contains writing and grammar, where you have an option to choose between a notice or a letter. Further, you need to write a paragraph on the topics mentioned and several grammar related questions.


In the last section, prepare yourself thoroughly to answer the literature questions.

NCERT Class 8 English Syllabus

Class 8 English is divided into two sections - Language and Literature. The English Literature consists of 10 prose, 7 poems and 11 supplementary reading material. The prose and poems are prescribed in the NCERT English Honeydew textbook and the supplementary material is given in NCERT English It So Happened textbook. The English Language Syllabus of Class 8 CBSE is divided into grammar exercises and writing skills. Grammar includes exercises on the order of words and clauses, direct speech, indirect speech, active voice, passive voice, tenses, noun, pronoun, verb, adverb, prepositions, conjunction, phrases, idioms, vocabulary and comprehension reading. The writing skills included in the English language syllabus of Class 8 are to write a notice, story, formal letter, informal letter, diary entry and essay.

NCERT Sample Papers for Class 8 Maths

This subject demands vivid understanding and rigorous practice. To obtain excellent marks in the final exams, the students must have a stronghold over the fundamentals and the basic mathematical formulas. Practising the sample question paper for Class 8 CBSE is necessary. The questions are divided into four major sections and are mainly from Linear Equations in One Variable, Rational Numbers, Quadrilaterals, Geometry, Data Handling, Algebraic Expressions and Identities, Factorization and Introduction to graphs.

NCERT Class 8 Maths Syllabus

The Maths Syllabus for Class 8 prescribed by the CBSE board consists of 16 chapters for the students. The details of each chapter are given below for students' reference:

  • Rational Numbers: This chapter includes introduction to rational numbers, their properties, representation on the number line and rational numbers between two rational numbers.

  • Linear Equations in One Variable: This chapter includes solving equations which have linear expressions on one side and numbers on the other side, solving equations that have variables on one side, reducing equations to simpler form or linear form.

  • Understanding Quadrilaterals: This chapter deals with polygons, measures of the exterior angles of a polygon, types of quadrilaterals and parallelograms.

  • Practical Geometry: It deals with the construction of quadrilaterals.

  • Data Handling: The major topics included in this chapter are organising and grouping data, pie chart, chance and probability.

  • Squares and Square Roots: This chapter includes properties of square numbers, finding the square of a number, square roots of numbers and decimals.

  • Cubes and Cube Roots: This chapter deals with cubes and cube roots of a number.

  • Comparing Quantities: The main topics included in this chapter are ratios and percentages and compound interest.

  • Algebraic Expressions and Identities: Topics included in this chapter are terms, factors, coefficients, monomials, binomials, polynomials, addition, subtraction and multiplication of algebraic expressions and standard identities.

  • Visualising Solid Shapes: This chapter includes 3D shapes, faces, edges and vertices.

  • Mensuration: This chapter deals with the area of a trapezium, quadrilateral and polygons and surface area, volume and capacity of cube, cuboid, and cylinder.

  • Exponents and Powers: This chapter talks about powers with negative exponents, laws of exponents and the use of exponents to express small numbers in standard form.

  • Direct proportion and inverse proportion.

  • Fractionation: This chapter deals with the fractionation and division of algebraic expressions of polynomials.

  • Introduction to Graphs: This chapter talks about linear graphs and its applications.

  • Playing with Numbers: This chapter talks about numbers in general form and test of divisibility.


NCERT Sample Papers for Class 8 Hindi

Hindi CBSE sample paper for Class 8 consists of four sections and one must be thorough with the text and grammar topics to precisely answer all these questions. However, the solutions are also provided in 8th Class sample paper PDF material so that you can verify your answers while solving the question papers. 

NCERT Sample Papers for Class 8 Science

Just like Maths, the paper pattern of the Science subject is divided into four main sections. The questions that appear in the final exam and the sample question paper Class 8 science are mainly of short answer type. In this case, also practising the sample question paper for Class 8 CBSE will prove to be fruitful. The questions are mainly set from Crop Production and Management, Microorganisms: Friend and Foe, Cell — Structure and Functions, Force and Pressure, Friction, Sound, Pollution of Air and Water, Natural Phenomenon, Light, Metals and Nonmetals and Solar System.

NCERT Class 8 Science Syllabus

Class 8 Science syllabus of NCERT includes topics like crop production and management, microorganisms, metals and non-metals, cell structure and functions, force and pressure, sound, natural phenomenon, light, solar system and pollution of water and air.

NCERT Sample Papers for Class 8 Social Science

Social Science deals with Geography, History and Civics as a whole. This subject requires in-depth textbook knowledge in addition to the rigorous practice of the sample question paper for Class 8. This subject demands precise answers that can be only written when one understands the subject thoroughly. 

NCERT Class 8 Social Science Syllabus

The NCERT Social Science syllabus of Class 8 is divided into three sections: Geography, History and Civics. The History syllabus contains approximately 12 chapters, Civics contains 5 chapters and Geography contains 6 chapters.


So, for any further assistance, please download and refer to sample papers for Class 8 offered by Vedantu.

Important Study Materials for CBSE Class 8

Download CBSE Class 8 All Subjects Sample Question Papers PDF

Get the free PDF version of the sample papers and solutions for all the subjects included in the Class 8 syllabus. Focus on becoming more time efficient while giving mock tests with these papers and learn how to score well in the exams.

FAQs on CBSE Sample Papers for Class 8 with Solution 2022-23

1. What are the advantages of solving sample papers?

By solving sample papers, students can gain benefits in several ways. Firstly, if you are able to answer the questions correctly on your own, this means you have a solid preparation. Plus, it will also help one to understand their weak points and work on the same. Secondly, you can try out solving sample papers within the duration specified in the paper. This is immensely helpful to improve your time management skills. Thirdly, you can rest assured of being familiar with the question paper pattern and how much you must write for the different questions.

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4. Where can I download the CBSE Class 8 Sample Questions Paper?

The sample question papers for CBSE Class 8 can be downloaded from the official website of Vedantu. All the sample papers of all the subjects of Class 8 are available free of cost at the official website of Vedantu. A student only needs to register at the official website of Vedantu. The registration process is simple. All you need  to do is to register using your email address and then you can browse through the Vedantu website and download all the study material free of cost.

You can avail all the well-researched and good quality chapters, sample papers, syllabus for JEE Main and Advanced and much more from the website of Vedantu and its mobile application available on the play store.

5. Will the CBSE Class 8 Sample Questions Paper be of any use to the students of CBSE Class 8?

The sample papers of CBSE Class 8 students will surely prove beneficial for the students to build a solid foundation for their career. The advantages of sample papers for CBSE Class 8 students will be:

  • The sample papers are designed by qualified and experienced subject experts.

  • The sample papers are prepared on the pattern of question papers designed by the CBSE Board.

  • These papers will help students analyse their weak areas and work on them. 

  • The sample papers will teach students about time management during examinations.