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Hindi Core Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12


Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core

The competitive world of education demands the best of efforts from a modern-day student. One of the proven methods of scaling this hurdle is by solving last year's question paper of CBSE class 12 Hindi core. This helps in getting ready for the real action during Class 12 Board exams and infuses confidence in students. Vedantu brings a host of advantages which were hitherto unknown to students. We have created a question bank of CBSE previous year question papers class 12 Hindi core with solutions so you can familiarise yourself with the same. It will boost your confidence and infuse much-needed poise that is necessary before a major examination. With 10 years of question papers at your disposal, you will feel like a true veteran when you have solved all of them. Vedantu’s trusted website has a massive following of students and teachers due to easy availability and download features of question papers for all Class 12 CBSE subjects including Hindi Core.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 Hindi (2013 - 2019)

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CBSE Class 12 Hindi Core Previous Year Question Paper

With the competition levels becoming tougher by the day, as a student you will need better support for making it to the top. After you have completed your studies, you can utilise last year's Hindi core solved question paper of CBSE class 12 to know how to answer in the right manner. Experienced teachers at Vedantu have provided their valuable inputs towards this and hence you will know the exact manner of solving the Class 12 Hindi Core paper. This is possibly the best method of judging your level of preparedness for the 12th Boards and also plugging any gaps you may have identified. offers CBSE last year class 12 Hindi core board question paper with free PDF download for those who aim to ace this exam. Our aim is to fortify your knowledge at all levels and solving previous year question papers is the key to doing so. By solving papers, you can now identify areas that you need to work on and further enhance your strong areas.

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FAQs on Hindi Core Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12

1. Why is Hindi (Core) a scoring subject in CBSE class 12?

Hindi is a high-scoring and simple topic, owing to the fact that it is our mother tongue and we are familiar with it. We insist that you go over the state board textbook thoroughly, memorise the lessons, and study it well so that if a question arises, you will be able to offer a full answer and apply your creativity.

2. What chapters should be focused on for CBSE Hindi Core 12?

The questions will almost certainly be given from behind the chapters, so make sure you read them thoroughly. Autobiography, imaginative, scientific, experiential, and expansion of concept about a quote or personality are the five subcategories of the essay.

3. How to prepare for Hindi core for CBSE class 12 examination?


  • Lesson after lesson, list down all of the introductions and  conclusions (prastavanas).

  • Take one chapter at a time and read it thoroughly.

  • Make a list of terms that have an impact on a sentence (you'll need them during the exam).

  • Once you've grasped everything completely, put it down in a simpler format so that you can see it all at once.


  • Poetry-wise, write down all introductions and conclusions (prastavanas).

  • Make a tune (any song, for example) and sing it using the poetry's lyrics.

  • To get a grip of it, sing once or twice.

  • Now read it and comprehend it.

4. What should be the approach to solve previous year Hindi question papers for CBSE Class 12?

Practice solving each previous year question papers from five years back.

  •    Technique for Easy Revision:

Solving prior year's question papers makes it easier to remember the syllabus. No matter how much you believe you've learned, you won't know how much you've retained unless you put it into practice. The previous year's papers will give you a sense of how much retention you have and how far ahead you still need to go, which is important for scoring well in the exams.

  •     Self-Evaluation

  •     Schedule Yourself

  •     Keep the Exam Pattern in mind.

5. What are the scoring sections in Hindi Class 12 CBSE?

In the Class 12 Hindi exam, the grammar portion, unseen sections, letter writing, meanings, and forming sentences are the areas where marks can be easily earned. This can also be readily practised and the results are guaranteed. These can be completely prepared with Vedantu, where practice exercises will assist in accurately preparing the language. Students should be self-assured and optimistic, and they should devote their complete attention to their material are available in vedantu for free download from app or a site.