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CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Computer Science PDF Free Solutions (2010-2020)


Previous Year Question Paper for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science

CBSE Computer Science question paper 2017 solved is available in PDF format, which can be downloaded from Vedantu. These can assist you in gaining an in-depth knowledge of the subject. Since Computer Science is an integral subject in a student’s curriculum, our detailed context of the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science question paper 2017 with solutions contains step-by-step answers. These study materials are elaborated and provide shortcut techniques designed by our experienced teachers. Computer Science is one of the most sought-after areas of studies these days.

Developing your concept from every stage is important and students must devote a fair share of their time to this subject. CBSE 2017 Computer Science question paper is really helpful for the students’ board exam preparation. CBSE Class 12 Computer Science question Paper 2017 download provides an idea on question paper pattern and marking scheme. These papers give wage ideas to the students of the latest examination pattern and level of questions in the upcoming CBSE board exams.

We at Vedantu aim to help students achieve their maximum potential by assisting them with guidance and useful resources. This page is aimed to assist class 12 students, we've included PDFs of the previous ten years' CBSE Computer Science question papers, ranging from 2020 to 2010, because we feel that the more you practise, the better you'll do in the exams. There are numerous benefits to practising CBSE Class 12 Computer Science previous year papers. It will assist you in becoming familiar with the question paper format.

The management of time is one of the most essential issues addressed in these publications. We've observed several students who worked hard in class and understood the material but still struggled to finish the paper. These CBSE Computer Science past years question papers have been edited by our highly skilled teachers, who have created a series of sample papers in PDF format that are available for free download.

CBSE Previous Year Question Papers for Class 12 Computer Science (2010 - 2020)

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CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Previous Year Question Paper

CS 2017 Question Paper

Getting a good score in Class 12 requires a lot of dedicated, untiring focus on studies on the part of the student. It is important to have a proper plan and strategic approach towards your exams where extra effort is put in analyzing and understanding what topics are important from the exam point of view. Practice makes a man perfect should always be kept in mind, and there is no better way to practice than to attempt previous year’s question papers of Class 12. 


A thorough study of the Computer Science question paper 2017 will help you to understand the pattern of how questions are formed so that you will be able to identify and focus on the important topics that are frequently asked. On Vedantu’s official page, students can find a compilation of CBSE Class 12 question papers for all subjects. 


2017 CBSE Computer Science Paper Pattern

Once a student understands the syllabus, they will have a better understanding of the CBSE Class 12 exam format, marking scheme, and types of questions that will be asked throughout the year. Knowing this can assist you in prioritizing Chapters during your CBSE Class 12 Computer Science preparation. Before moving on, double-check a few key things about the exam structure and marking scheme.


Class 12 Computer Science sample paper is divided into 4 sections A, B, C, and D. 



Number of Questions

Total Marks



12+ 18 = 30











  • Section A consists of 2 questions which are from 1 - 2 and each question has various sub-topics in it. In this section, you can find questions like: 

  • Fill in the blanks

  • Multiple choices

  • Very short answer 

  • Single line solutions

  • Section B consists of 1 question which is 03 and this question has sub-parts in it and all together it is for 15 marks. 

  • Section C consists of 1 question which is 04 and this question has sub-parts in it and all together it is for 15 marks. 

  • Section D consists of 1 question which is 05 and this question has sub-parts learned and altogether learned for 10 marks.

Computer Science Marking Scheme


Unit Name

Marks (Total=30)


Lab Test (10 marks)

Python program (60% logic + 20% documentation + 20% code quality)


Small Python program that sends a SQL query to a database and displays the result. A stub program can be provided.



Report File + viva(9 marks)

Report file: Minimum 21 Python programs. Out of this at least 4 programs should send SQL commands to a database and

retrieve the result; at least 1 program should implement the webserver to write user data to a CSV file.


Viva-voce based on the report file



Project + viva (11 marks)

Project (that uses most of the concepts that have been learned)


Project viva voce



Paper Analysis

As per the students’ opinions and reviews from the expert teachers, The paper analysis is mentioned below. 

  • The 2017 difficulty level of the Computer Science exam question paper is moderate. An average number of students found the paper a bit easy and were able to answer all the questions within the given set of time.

  • A maximum number of questions were straightforward, and there were very few tricky questions asked in the paper. 

  • Students who practiced the sample papers and previous year Computer Science question papers of CBSE have high chances to get more marks. 2017 Computer Science question paper featured most questions from previous years and sample question papers.

  • A couple of questions made students implement high-order thinking skills to attempt them appropriately.

Preparation Tips for CBSE Class 12 

The following are some of the important tips for students attempting the upcoming board examinations. 

1. Focus on completing the topics from the NCERT textbook.

2. Try to solve as many numerical type questions as possible.

3. Have a clear knowledge of the syllabus and the importance of each topic from an examination point of view.

4. Jot down all the important points for last-minute preparation.

5. Solve previous year question papers.

6. Set realistic study goals and work hard to attain them.

7. Analyze the paper's trends and patterns, which can be done once a large number of previous year's question papers have been attempted.

Importance of Solving CBSE Class 12 Previous Year Question Paper

Mentioned below are some of the important points to focus on solving previous year question papers. 

1. It will improve the speed and efficiency with which questions are solved.

2. It will aid in the development of a better grasp of the marking scheme.

3. Based on the previous year's solution, the student may readily analyse the trend, essential topics, and question pattern.

4. It can give them more confidence because they are already aware of the types of questions that can be posed.

5. By solving the previous year's problems, students can gain the vital ability of time management during examinations.


To conclude the article, we must state that solving the previous year's questions of class 12 Computer Science is an essential step toward board exam preparations. By doing so one can learn about the types of questions asked in the board examination of all subjects. You can also explore our website to get more topic-related questions, revision notes, and NCERT questions with solutions on all subjects to prepare for exams. So, you must prepare very hard, make a timetable, and follow that strictly. We hope to have helped you with our assistance.

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FAQs on CBSE Previous Year Question Papers Class 12 Computer Science PDF Free Solutions (2010-2020)

1. Where can I find useful resources to study for my CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Exam?

You can find the useful resources that you need from the Vedantu app or website. All you have to do is sign in to the website and you’ll find the available resources completely free of cost. You can also find previous years’ question papers to practice your knowledge. These resources will help the students in scoring good marks in the exam. You can refer to the previous year Computer Science question paper for CBSE Class 12 to understand the format and type of questions asked in the exam. 

2. Is it necessary to cover the entire syllabus before my Computer Science Exam?

It’s not necessary but it is always advisable to do so. If you’re aiming to score high in your exam, you wouldn’t want to leave any room for mistakes. Making sure you complete the entire syllabus is one thing that will help you do so. The syllabus may seem difficult to understand but all it takes is time and practice. You can cover the entire syllabus by solving the previous year Computer Science question paper for CBSE Class 12 available on Vedantu and it's app.

3. Is Computer Science a difficult subject to score in?

No, Computer Science isn’t a difficult subject. If your basics are clear, you have a proper study schedule, you’re thorough with the syllabus and the weightage then you’re good to go and there is nothing to worry about. You could always have a look at CBSE Class 12 previous years’ question paper to make sure that you’re thorough with your preparation. Find these papers now on Vedantu for free. You can download the question paper for free on Vedantu to prepare for the final exam.

4. How was the CBSE Class 12 Computer Science 2017 exam?

The paper only contained one set. The output was, as usual, required some more attention to solve than usual. The theory was direct and easy questions like Visibility modes etc. Question number 4 contained Conceptual questions. In totality, it was a scoring paper for students who had prepared well. The paper wasn’t long either. The paper weighed more on the practical side as there weren’t a lot of theory questions. The question paper for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science is available for free to download on Vedantu. 

5. What is the exam pattern for CBSE Class 12 Computer Science Paper?

Computer Science is worth a total of 100 marks, with 70 marks for the theory paper to be conducted by CBSE and 30 marks for the practical exam and the viva. Because there will be no penalty for giving an inaccurate answer, students should try to answer all questions. Underline or use a different color pen than Red to draw attention to the essential portions. Students can refer to the previous year Computer Science question paper to understand the exam pattern.